Friday, September 15, 2017

11 Sep 2017

This week has been good! So we got transfer calls, and this is the last one I'll get..... So I am going to "die" in old town, and I'm going to be joined by Elder Hamblin! I served in the same district as him down in MontP, so we know each other pretty well. Should be a lot of fun!

We had a lesson with a young man named Derick and he took seminary last school year and again this year and decided he wants to be baptized. So we set a date with him for Oct 14th! We have several other people working towards baptism but they have to work through a few issues first, but the work is going great!

Sacrament in the first ward was nuts. There were three baby blessings and they reorganized the Elder's quorum and the young men and several other ward positions. By they time the sacrament was passed and the business was finished it was quarter to so the four speakers had about 20 mins collectively.

We've been busy which has been great!

Monday, September 4, 2017

4 Sep 2017

This has been a really great week!

We were able to meet with Maria after a couple of months of trying to catch her. We had a great lesson and got some regular lessons scheduled! Likewise we were able to meet Aaron after a long while of not being able to get a hold of him, and we'll be meeting twice a week with him now.

We had a really great lesson with Tammy! She wants to be baptized and it might be a while before she can be but she has that goal, She has been to church every week, this week  I think she had work but showed up for about 30 mins at sacrament. Which I thought was awesome because a lot of people would have just made a really easy excuse.

Any ways a lot of exciting stuff is happening in the area! And plenty of interesting things but I’ll talk more about those another time. Haha
They are also doing a lot of road work but I’m not sure why they need such strange rocks. Elder Gatlin and I laugh every time we see the signs.

28 Aug 2017

 This week has been good

We saw the eclipse Monday and I’ll send some pics now

We had a couple lessons fall through but we had a really good Lesson with Tammy. We just had a good discussion on faith, and how we can build and nurture our faith. She is making a lot of changes in her life but it’s awesome to see some one that wants to improve.

Likewise we also had a good lesson with a lady named Wendy and she also has been turning her life around and she has to do a couple of things before she's able to attend church so we've been sharing the talks from sacrament meeting this last Sunday was about the temple.

We went up to the Pocatello "P" today and that was fun. Most of our P-days have been mountain biking/hiking. I got a lot of pictures to send of the hikes.

The first ones I’ll send are during the eclipse when it got dark.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

21 Aug 2017

Hey everybody!

This week has been a little slow. Two of our investigators have been in and out of the hospital, one is getting a lot better, the other I think she's improving but she's going through cancer treatments so it’s been tough on her.

We met the Hallenan family again, and they are doing pretty, well. When we stopped by they were all outside, a black widow was sitting in their kitchen up in some spot where they could really squish it and they were trying to devise a plan to kill it. They did its dead now. But we also talked to them about the importance of scripture study and family prayers. It was a good meeting and we showed them the gospel Library app which they were pretty excited about. They a really nice young couple and they have two kids that are about 3 and 2 and they are funny little kids. One likes to act like animals and give you "flowers" (Normally weeds and leaves). But they are a really good family and they are making steps back towards the savior, which is awesome to see.

There’s been a lot of excitement about the eclipse that just took place. We were just out of the Totality range, so it got pretty dark but we didn’t get the full night time effect. You could see the darkness over by IF, if you looked north well we were on top of a mountain to watch it so we could see the darkness move across the Valley. But it was pretty cool. We went and bike/Hiked up Kinport which is the tallest spot in Pocatello if I remember right. And it was a good hike, we walked the bikes most of the way once we started ascending and then we hid the bikes and just cut through the brush so we could more or less just go straight up the mountain. It was pretty cool though. The ride down was pretty fun though.

I'd send pictures but I just realized this computer can’t upload them so I’ll get them to you guys later.

14 Aug 2017

 This week was good,

We had zone conference up in Blackfoot; it’s always good to hear from President Hancock. He did a Q&A session at the end, and it was like write a question, so some one, I think it was someone going home, but someone submitted the question what time is a good time to get married. President’s reply was....... *drum roll*........ After the mission. Then he moved on to the next question, which happened to be "what do I do if imp attracted to a girl in my area"...... These were very deep questions, the answer was you don’t do anything or you get a new area. There were better questions like questions about how to help investigators progress and all that good stuff.
The big thing he wanted us to was to improve our studies. The sentence that stuck out to me in PMG is "while learning from a teacher is good, it is more important to have meaningful spiritual experiences on your own." I reason that it’s because when you have that independent witness, you become a lot firmer in your faith, where as if your faith is based in someone else, what’s going to happen in that person goes through a difficult time.

We also had a really good lesson with Tammy, one of our investigators. I've really been trying to work on explaining things simply. So we read a lot of scriptures with her but throughout the lesson we stopped and made sure she understood, and took a minute just to emphasize the key points.
The tough part about this week we had a family we were trying to meet with that got evicted suddenly, due to a disagreement with the land lord. It was raining and they had nowhere to go and there wasn’t much we could really do for them except just be there. They have found a place to stay temporarily but we aren't sure where they are.

The rain was actually a really good thing though, with all the fires many people were fasting that it would die down. Then it rained the next day, so the fires around Pocatello at least are under control.

We also went mountain biking this morning that was fun.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

7 Aug 2017

Hey everybody!

This has been an interesting week weather wise, There have been wildfires like all over the state I think there's like six going on through out the state. But there's a pretty big one outside of Pocatello and we've been getting smoked out from it. Sunday we woke up and there was ash all over the valley. They are really good at controlling it so it doesn't hit Poky though so I'm not to worried.

The rest of the week has been pretty good.  We had a good lesson with Dawn and she attended church this week so we are pretty excited for her. We were suppose to have a lesson the other week but she was admitted to the hospital so that's understandable. But the day she got out she gave us a call to set up the appointment which is pretty exciting.

We got to volunteer at a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, we were scorekeepers. That was pretty fun but some of the teams got a little intense for a fund raiser event. But no one got hurt.

Its been a pretty good week all and all
Love you guys
Elder Hoffman

Below is what a picture of the sky normally looks like and a picture of all the smoke. None of that is clouds just smoke. We also found a mantis outside our apartment.​​​​​

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

31 Jul 2017

 This week has been pretty great!

We got to talk in sacrament this sunday so that was fun. We also got pushed into performing for a talent show at a ward picnic, and now a different ward wants us to do it. Id rather talk than perform infront of people but owell, were going to do that too in a couple weeks anyways. The thing that really made me ok with doing the performance at the talent show, Is it came to the last act and they were just looking for people to perform because they didnt have enough. Anyways 10 mins before they started one of the young men signed up and didnt say what he was doing. Then he got up there and had the dj put on "i feel like a monster" by skillet or whoever, and sang to it. So i felt like the ward talent show could end on a more uplifting song

We had a lot of appointments fall but a couple kept and they went really well.

Hope you guys have a good week.