Thursday, July 20, 2017

17 Jul 2017

We went mountain biking this morning. we me this guy named Dax the other day he was on his way up to the trails, and he passed us and was like when is your p-day. So we ended up meeting him this morning to bike. It was a blast Elder Gatlin's bike wasn't exactly a mountain bike so that made it a bit tough for him but it was good!
The week has been pretty good but a lot of cancelled appointments. That was a bummer. But some good things happened. We were walking down the street towards a lady and she started to stumble and as we approached her she asked for a blessing. Her name was Angela and she was a really nice lady, she's had some rough times and just got done with some surgery. So it was an odd setting for a blessing I guess but we moved behind the building for some privacy and afterwards we just talked to her a bit We didn't say much she just had a lot that she wanted to vent about. Afterwards she was visibly better physically and spiritually. I’m glad that we felt to walk that way; we were actually on the wrong road for where we were supposed to be going. But it all worked out!

As I was studying this week I really enjoyed Alma 7:22-24. He talks about how we should live if we want to see the priesthood take effect in our lives and in general if we want to live after the manner of happiness. It’s more so a list of attributes but as we study these attributes and apply them that’s when things happen and when the joy of the gospel enters our lives.

Have a good week everyone!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

10 Jul 2017

So last week we didn't really get time to e-mail because of the 4th and the FHC was closed.

But our 4th of July was eventful... So we were still suppose to proselyte but that was a little tough cause it was the 4th. But we were walking around not sure were to go and we wandered past the masonic temple. and there was this lady on the grass, panicking. I'll be honest, at first I thought she was just on drugs. But then she called to us for help and we saw that her legs had all sores that were bleeding. So Elder Gatlin handed me the phone and we call the paramedics. So that was a little crazy. But to be honest, when we first saw her I was ready to just pass her by. Then like I thought to myself man I'm about to be a Pharisee. So the story of the good Samaritan popped in my head and the rest is as written. Then later we went to a BBQ.

The week has been a little slow but we have been setting up a lot of appointments for this week so things should pick up. There's a big push in the mission for the use of the Book of Mormon, for good reasons. The Book of Mormon is a testament of Jesus Christ and when people learn that and the Spirit testifies that to them, then everything else gets resolved.

Love you guys and enjoy your week!