Tuesday, December 22, 2015

21 Dec 2015

Well I have a lot less time than I normally have for this. Our keys got locked in our car a few days ago and we had to wait until today to do anything about it. We are suppose to take blame equally in the companionship, but I'll just say I wasn't the one driving that day. It's been a bit of a slow and a super crazy week.

Monday- The snow is back! I love it! A lot of people don't but we finally have solid snow that I really hope isn't going to melt away again. Not a whole lot happened that day but we went to a YSA ward's Christmas party which was a little weird.  It was great; we shared a message on charity. The church is on a hill so we were parked on a slope. The snow froze into ice during the party because it was just warm enough to snow and have the snow melt as it fell. So the road was just ice and I was boxed in by other cars and none of us could really move so we had about 7 people running around helping all the cars get moving.

Tuesday- We had an early district meeting because transfer day was tomorrow so we had to bump ahead our meeting, Well we were doing a object lesson that turned pretty physical. In short, I pretty much tackled my district leader, but no one got hurt so its all good. It was a little weird. We were knocking on a PMF door, and it turns out they don't live there anymore and this guy that answered tried to sell us memberships for a dinner club app. I don't think he realized that missionaries are very poor and can't access apps. But he was really insistent and the way Elder G put it was that we got out sold. The rest of the day was just YSA visits and everyone we saw were new move ins that just hadn't found the church building yet or they just go to different wards because they have parents or family there.

Wednesday- Today was pretty special Elder G had an old companion that he was training to go from a service missionary to a full time missionary.  To say the least his papers are submitted now so we had the opportunity to go to the temple with him for his endowment. The temple is always an awesome experience and sadly we are only allowed to go once every 6 months because our mission is for the living not for the dead, which makes sense I guess. Going to the temple didn't leave us much time to see anyone that day, plus Elder G got sick afterwards.

Thursday- This was probably one of the happiest days of my mission.   We were in study when we got a phone call. Our investigator that we've been working super hard with (Patricia), was meeting with a friend of hers who is also investigating the church. Her friend is out of our area but the missionaries teaching her said she couldn't be baptized while on probation, which isn't a solid fact its very dependent on the situation. So she got really curious about her probation; made some phone calls to some higher ups, and she decided that she was ready for baptism. Even crazier yet, we had about two or three lessons with her while she was taking care of her grandmother. We can't see the grandmother anymore because her parents are back and they are not big fans of the LDS. But her grandma had only sat in a couple of lessons and we didn't even extend the invitation to her and she just started reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. So we are really excited to see where that goes. If she wants to take more lessons and is open to it that might soften mom and dad's hearts and we could potentially baptize the whole family. Right now we can only pray. As a zone from Tuesday to Thursday we had set 11 baptismal dates. That's really crazy because on Wednesday we lost a bunch of time due to the transfer meeting, and us two didn't do any work that day because we were at the temple.

Friday- So our morning studies are now just discussions. I don't know how to explain it fully but, we refer to it as deep doctrine. That's normally just some specific detail we have a question that has to do with, for instance the blessing that come from the 12 tribes, or just really specific details to revelations and prophesies that we have seen happen. It's a lot of fun but hard to explain in an email. But any way during our discussion Elder Beck and Green got called to the hospital to give a blessing, about five minutes after they came back we got called in. So Eugene, one of our less actives that's coming back, fell 14 feet off a ladder and his femur pushed into his pelvis and crushed it turning his knee and dislocating his shoulder. This guy already has a lot going on with ex wives and court cases. Then here he is in the hospital bed still happy, not even because of morphine. I know because they allow the patients to self medicate. But he refused because he thought for sure he would kill himself by pressing that button too many times. Anyways even after all this he's still maybe not happy but content. All he wanted was for us to bless him and just make sure he has company. The rest of the day was crazy too but that's a little more confidential so I'm not at liberty to talk about it.

I wish I had more time but I just don't, I hope you all had a great week, and have another good one!

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