Monday, September 12, 2016

12 Sep 2016

I don't feel like typing much so I'm going to summarize.

Monday- We taught The Hunzeker family and things are going well there.

Tuesday- don't remember much of it, we had district meeting and that took like half the day (driving time, our district is pretty spread out for the usual of the mission) Oh and we met a falconer, he has a red tailed hawk. He is a less active we are working with.

Wednesday- got moved out of Cokeville, that is saving tons of miles for us.

Thursday don't remember much

Friday- did some tracting tried to meet bishops too.

Saturday- we had a wood cutting service project. I thought we were splitting but it was just cutting down the trees and stacking the logs (unsplit) They said we stacked about Ten cords. it was a lot of wood but we also had about 30 men helping. Then stake conference started and that was pretty good.

Sunday More stake conference.

Love you guys!

Sorry the letter is so short but i hope you are all doing well!

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