Monday, February 15, 2016

15 Feb 2016

Well we had to leave e-mails early last week and I was really looking forward to talking about Saturday morning, We had an investigator moving (luckily just to the other side of the ward). It was one of the coolest moves I've ever been in. So we showed up at 10am and that was when it was suppose to start and the only people there were us and her three brothers so we were a little worried. Within 20 minutes we had somewhere between 15 and 20 other people show up and it was awesome. We just had a line of people passing boxes down to the trailers. The total time spent packing everything up was about an hour and a half, and we filled two 20 foot trailers. The total time spent unpacking the trailers was about 45 minutes. I'm proud of that ward for the effort they put into serving someone that most of them hadn't actually met yet. Christ says that when we show love one to another that others will be able to know that we are his disciples. I can testify that that is true. In Mosiah 18 it talks on the promises we make at baptism to serve those that stand in need. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that its important for us to be examples of Christ like love and live in that manner. Even if you're serving someone in the smallest way, like helping an elderly lady get out of the motor scooters at Wal-mart, it shows the light of Christ through us and shows that the things we preach aren't just hollow words. Anyway that's my rant and now I'll get on to the rest of the week.(there may be more ranting I'm not entirely sure)

Monday- so my journal is a little rough. I got like three days behind at one point because I got a ukulele today and I've been learning it every night. P-day activity was a little lame today. The Spanish zone decided to do their own thing instead of merging with us, that and it was just poorly planned. The main issue was at the end of the activity time all the people with cars left like half an hour earlier so there was like 10 Elders there with no transportation and the only people left with a car were two sisters. Then to top that off, all the phones in the mission stopped working for a while so we couldn't call for a ride. Somehow things worked out and people found rides,.We got picked up by a man that Elder Schaer and Christianson were able to get a hold of. The rest of the night we were at the V.C waiting for someone to show up but they never did.

Tuesday-Today I came to a better understanding how the priesthood unifies us. Since you can't perform anything to do with the priesthood by yourself, it teaches us service in helping and blessing others and humility when we go to others for a blessing or whatever is needed. I also had a big study on D&C 24 and it kind of surprised me some of the stuff that God will back us up in. But then I realized its impossible to misuse priesthood authority because if its not in line with the teaching and instructions of God then he just wont let it happen. Part of that realization was just that we don't really hold "power" with the priesthood because everything is still done through God. We had a couple of larcs today and then got ready for exchanges.

Wednesday- I'm with Elder Bushman (one of my zone leaders) and man today felt super productive. First off, we had district meeting so that was fun. My district is just us and the Zone leaders so the zls might come up a lot in these e-mails. For District meeting we each just gave a short training and Elder Browning didn't tell me what I was training on. Then the day before he goes, "just train on whatever you want." I feel that we haven't been putting forth as much effort as we should be in the last few weeks so my training started with a question, How important is our work? Let them answer and then testified that this is the most important work we will do in this life next to raising a family, I say that because hopefully we are raising our family in the gospel which ends up being the same as missionary work. (converting your kids to the gospel) I followed that up by reading Alma 26:30 and asked, "Is that the effort we are putting forth?" (If you don't know that verse, look it up) Then I continued to rant for a bit. Elder Bushman and I did a lot of walking today. We didn't have any set appointments but we talked to a few people and made some good progress.

Thursday- not a whole lot happened today. We had a larc lesson and that was about all that happened. Love the family but it was just a short lesson. We ended up there the same time as there home teachers so that was a little odd. We did wait at the V.C for awhile. We were hoping to take a recent convert to institute. Partly because we wanted to go to institute. But he got busy said he'd show up a little later, then said that again and then finally cancelled.

Friday- This is totally irrelevant but I had probably the most vivid dream of my life. I was a chameleon and I was stuck in this house with a cat that wanted to eat me. This cat was like 10 times my size and I had no defense aside from briefly turning invisible and using my tongue as a grappling hook. I knew that either I was going to die or I had to find a way to kill the cat, and this epic battle took place. Sadly, I don't think this dream has any meaning as to things to come or relating to the gospel. Maybe one day I'll have a vision. I can dream. We did progress records today over at the FHC and ran into the trio companionship. To find out that Elder Moe (sounds like boy with an m) is getting Emergency Transferred to Ashton. The missionaries up there had some issues.... and we are all super bummed about losing Moe from our zone. This will sound racist but I don't know how to explain it in any other words. Imagine like that super loud and hilarious black girl then put that personality in a Samoan guy that is musically gifted. He was super cool.

OK well im running out of time for emails, Hope you all have an awesome week.

Love you guys!

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