Monday, February 22, 2016

22 Feb 2016

Ok i might have to make this one short which stinks because its been a long week. Elder Browning got sick this week which gave me a lot of time to study. I went through Alma 36ish to 50 in three days. A lot of personal revelation. Mostly that I need to work harder and be more obedient, along with some other stuff.

Monday- Nothing special during our shopping or anything, but we did play ultimate dodge ball and it was one match that was super intense and went on for about an hour and a half until we were all tired and annoyed that no one had one yet. 

We met with Dave this evening and it went pretty well. We talked to him about his life and it sounds like he might move to the other side of town which isn't our area. He  put tons of work into his house. Every room has had at least a little renovation to make it just the way he likes it so he's torn if he wants to leave. The thing is he's getting another car and he needs a bigger garage. They are his "toys" so he doesn't want to leave them out. That was most of what happened today.

Tuesday- Morning study was Alma 36. Great section. I highly suggest it. Our first lesson of the day was with the Kiselysand we didn't plan on this but we taught charity. It went really well.  We shared Moroni 7:43-48 (those versus might be a little off) I love teaching Charity.  It was one of the main reasons i wanted to serve a mission, plus It is just the best Christlike attribute because its pretty much a combination of every other attribute. Afterwards we went to a lesson at the V.C and did the rotations with the Staley family. Oddly enough the focus of the rotation was families so that worked out perfectly. Then Browning came down with his sickness. So we got housebound for a bit until the Zone leaders decided to stop by. Luckily they had some free time so we split with them and we were able to make a lesson we had set up to talk to Jason about his baptism. So because of his past, which I'm not going to go into, he isn't going to be able to get baptized as soon as we hoped. We had Saturday planned but that didnt happen. He's been understanding and the bishopric is mad because they feel that he should be able to be baptized. We have to heed to our mission presidency in this matter so its just a matter of patience.

Wednesday-This was a long day. Elder Browning is still sick so I spent from 10-11ish making phone calls trying to get things to work out today. But most things became a no go. So I switch back and forth between studies and learning my Ukulele (I can now play Hi to Kolob, and Lead Kindly Light) in the afternoon. I was able to get something set up so I could go to one lesson and this was the most important lesson of the day. Its a part member family named the Hebdons and we have tried for a month and a half to set up an appointment with them. We got close a ton of times but 
something always came up. This time they were solid and we weren't sure that we 
would make it. It was about an hour and a half of making phone calls and praying. After about 10-12 phone calls I was finally able to get things worked out. I'm not sure how intense it actually sounds but it was a battle, especially just because the last two weeks have been rough on me. I try to make them sound nice but its been difficult. The lesson went really well. The wife who is the non-member was really open and talkative which is a good change of pace as far as lessons go. She had actually talked more than I had. Then luckily during our dinner hour I was able to organize another split for our lesson at 6. I taught her on charity and it was crazy, like she's only 11 and she was understanding every thing and the spirit hit that room at one point, i dont remember who was talking, but i saw her eyes getting teary (in the good way). Her name is cassie and we cant baptize her because of parent permission. Which stinks shes like one of two children that i would say was ready to be baptized. She trys to make it to church every week and she doesn't even get support from her mother. The rest of the night was studies. If i had to guess there was around 5-6 hours of studying today.

I dont have time to type the rest of the week but not a whole lot happened so thats ok. I hope you all have an awesome week!

Love elder hoffman

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