Wednesday, March 2, 2016

29 Feb 2016

This week a little slow but good in its own ways. Elder Browning was sick from last week to about Tuesday. I'm not really sure what he had but I could tell he needed rest. I dont know if I mentioned this but I had a lot of free time while Elder Browning was sick, so I numbered all the pages of my journal and I have now written 146 pages, completely full. If this keeps up I estimate I'll go through four to five journals on my mission.
Monday was P-Day as usual, nothing much really happened just shopping and all that. For P-day activity we did Murder in the Dark, and dodge ball. No appointments panned out in the evening so nothing really happened today.
Tuesday- Study this morning was some war chapters and I randomly read Jacob 4:6, and realized that studies are an important part in building our ability to act in the priesthood. In the evening we tried tracting the apartments we live in. When we got to Ralph, he's a less active guy that we see out side smoking daily, Browning said I should take the lead on this and I was ready to get inside and visit and get to know him. After he answered, Browning asked him for referrals almost immediately. I was a little confused on why he did that and I still am confused about it, but we will have more opportunities to talk with Ralph so its not too big of a deal.
Wednesday-  This morning study was....... more war chapters, I actually really enjoy the war chapters and they teach a lot. Its just not always as easy to see. One of my favorite stories in the war chapters is Lehonti. There are parallels in that to how the adversary works and tries to lead us away. This morning was also District Meeting, the theme was charity in mission work. We mostly just watched videos on charity. One that stood out was just about a Priest who was suppose to invite someone to church and he kept reliving the day until he did it with charity. (It took several days to actually invite him with success, not just stopping by and say, "hey come to church.") We spent most of our day at the V.C. We showed the restoration twice in a row. The first time with a returning member who is overcoming smoking. The second was with a recent convert/part member family. The daughter was crying at the end. She was like, "my favorite part was when Joseph's dad was baptized, because my dad was just baptized and now we can be an eternal family." It was awesome. The name of the Video is, Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration. I highly recommend it. It teaches a lot of awesome subjects and you get to learn about the history of the restored church.
Thursday- A sad day, the Spanish elders moved out of our apartment. Its not actually that sad. Its a little more boring but we've been a lot more productive. We had a restricted phone call this morning and a guy with a southern accent had just moved into our area, his name was Boe  (thats all we know). He asked us about the church; wouldn't get us an address and then hung up unexpectedly. We know hes on 17th street so its just a matter of tracting right? Later in the day we got a referral from the V.C sisters about a guy who cussed out the missionaries a while back and now feels bad about it. His name is Jayden and he's less active. He has aspergers and anger management issues but he wants to quit his bad habits and get back in the church. He said his apartment building is haunted by demons and this is the second time on my mission someone has said that but we were still able to share a message and bring in the Holy Spirit. Its funny as I've served my mission the reality of evil has become more clear to me, but so has the reality of Christ and I know I'm on the more powerful side. Anyway, we went to get Elder Browning's pants tailored by a member. While we were there we just kind of entertained the kids. I've never seen people so excited to play state bingo. They got like uber intense about it. (Uber is a word right? I think it means like super).Then I made the mistake of showing them how to do backflips by walking up my legs.... it was a fun night.
Friday- So a while back Patricia moved out of our area into our neighboring stake and we were at the edge of our area so we thought why don't we stop by Mikes house? So we go and knock. Nothing, so we write up a note to let him know we stopped by and we start to ride our bikes off into the sunset when I realize we got a bunch of girl scout cookies. So we turned around and decided to leave them as a present. Just as we were dropping them off.... Patricia pulls up. Tiny miracles, no reason we should have even had those cookies. But we took some time to catch up and see how they were doing then the next miracle happened. So the sisters that cover Mike's house have tried to meet him and he's never been home. Well as we were talking they came out of a lesson on the other side of the street. So they finally got the chance to meet Mike.
Alright well I'm going to wrap this up. The last thing I want to say is the neighbor's dog fell in love with us. It sneaks into our backyard all the time so we went and played with it for a bit. When we left it was standing by our back door. Two hours later when we got home, he was sitting on our back steps waiting for us. It was adorable. I also never got the pictures of Elder O'Barr and Browning's tie burnings. I have a lot of pictures to get caught up on so there's one of Elder Gillespie and I at transfers. Also one of Elder Ieti (sounds like yeti). He's apparently my best friend. He tells me that everytime he sees me. Awesome guy. Glad to have him as a best friend.

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