Tuesday, June 21, 2016

20 Jun 2016

Kind of a weird week but I guess that’s how it always is. For starts the big news came in and I'm staying in Poce!

Monday- Pretty mellow day, we got taken around by the Zone leaders; ate at IHOP and did usual p-day things. For the activity we did dodge ball and no one got seriously injured! We have this new Samoan missionary and he was crazy. Then we had an awesome lesson with Jason. His fiancé is a convert who went less active but is trying to get temple worthy again. He is one of the few people who actually follows up with things we ask him to do, like reading or whatever it may be.

Tuesday- WE GOT OUR BIKES FIXED!!!! It feels so nice to have a good mode of transportation! Then we did some service at a thrift store, had some lunch and got on our way. Later that day we had a church tour with a group of kids, all really promising and have a desire to learn and be baptized but none of them live in our area.  We started teaching because they are at their cousin's house more than their own. The other two are moving out of our area tomorrow. But they are super stellar kids and I'm glad I had the opportunity to help them learn a bit more.

Wednesday-  Today we had District meeting. The first of which Elder Vogt has organized and it went really well! Then the day got really long. We met this guy from Napal. His name is Keshab. He is a kind-hearted guy but it’s difficult to hold a conversation. His English is good but broken and he gets very caught up on small points,  We said we hadn't read the Bible start to finish and he thought we didn’t read the Bible and he was trying to say Christ was the only person who could hold the priesthood and we didn’t know this because we didn’t read the Bible. We kept trying to explain that we do read the Bible. Then he got caught up about the Book of Mormon being true and I asked if he had ever read it and he said no. But he had googled it and watched YouTube videos on it..... Anyway, it was a fun conversation. Then later that day we met an atheist and he had all these different issues with the church. This guy reminded me of Korihor in a lot of ways. He said that there’s no proof of God and he said you couldn’t rely on feelings, so his heart was hardened beyond anything we could help with. Then he said along the line of maybe there is a God but I refuse to believe until I have tangible evidence. If we could find a way to soften his heart and even get him to consider taking an act of faith maybe we could get somewhere but has not very willing to soften his heart. The rest of his family has a very strong belief his kids served missions. His wife didn’t convert but supports the Church and has a huge faith in Christ.

Thursday- not much happened but we got a lot of appointments set up.

Friday- Crazy busy we had a lesson at 10 at 2 and at 6 and then  taught a larc at 8. All these lessons went really well, the first was a girl that came up to us last week and asked for some service and she accepted to take at least one lesson. The next was Mark a kinda crazy guy but really cool. Every lesson he asks questions relating to things we are about to talk about. I felt like Alma when Zeezrom asks about Eden, And Alma's like I'm glad you asked I was just about to talk about that. So those lessons went really well. Then we had the Tramells and they are a cool couple but the lesson got interrupted a lot by their kids yelling and kicking each other. At the end of the lesson while we were praying, their son threw the cat over the stairs... the cat’s fine but it disrupted the spirit. Then we saw our man Charles. I love that guy. We actually talked about humility and love. Apparently he sizes up every person he meets and thinks about how he could beat them if they decided to attack. He had a rough past though so I can’t blame him too much.

Saturday- Today was pretty slow except for one lesson we had. We met with Sonia and had a super good lesson. The house had like a weird vibe before we came in and Elder Magallon and I both had the thought to ask if she wanted it dedicated. Before we asked, she asked if we could do like a blessing on the house. It was super cool the spirit was so strong.

Anyways the week has been good Elder Magallon is a pretty cool guy and im really enjoying this transfer so far.

Love all you guys

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