Monday, June 6, 2016

6 Jun 2016

So sorry about last week I didn’t send anything except for a couple personal e-mails to some people. I was thinking about skipping the group e-mail again but transfer calls came and the mission is getting crazy so I figured I should at least let everyone in on that.

So Transfer! Im staying in Poce Central and Elder Dawson is leaving to Soda Springs.  Elder Magaione (no idea if that’s spelled right, just try to sound it out) is coming up with me. Our area is part of a new zone, the Poce north zone, and the mission split will be July 1st.  At that time we will be solidified into our new permanent mission. So these transfers give us a vague idea of who will be in which mission. Wherever you are on July 1st is which mission you will be in.  There's one thing, on June 21st there will be another transfer that has been stated by president that  will be crazier than this transfer that just happened.  So we can expect maybe a handful of the companionship to stay the same. These transfers are such a big deal that they are going through the First Presidency so our transfer calls are apostolic and basically new mission calls. It’s a lot of fun!

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