Tuesday, May 24, 2016

23 May 2016

Crazy week as usual. So it started off really bad...

Monday- I was sick, I woke up at 2am and was violently ill until 5am, and the rest of the day I just wanted to sleep. By the end of p-day I was able to go around without feeling terrible.

Tuesday- Elder Dawson got sick..... We lost most of the afternoon but I was able to split in the evening and make a few visits

Wednesday- so this made up for the last two days of sickness. We didn’t see each other for about half the day because we had so many splits set up. We did weekly planning in the morning because we had zone conference the next day so we had to plan early; we also ended up picking up a 3rd elder for the day. Because of the upcoming mission split Elder Dart (one of our ZL's got moved) so when he left we watched Elder Horne.

Thursday- Zone Conference with Wilfred W Anderson of the seventy. It was Awesome a lot of cool and helpful things were said more than I'm going to bother typing, but it was even better than I expected.

Friday- we went on exchanges and I went over to central 1 with elder Boatright. He's a super awesome guy probably one of the best at and one of the few that’s actually good at door approaches. Sadly we didn’t really get a chance to teach together but we had a lot of contacts and got things set up.

Saturday- the day came!We had FIVE baptisms today! The service was a little crazy/ One of them almost didn’t make it, but everything ended up going well. Sadly I don’t have any pictures. The kids were very opposed to having any pictures taken.

Sunday- We had all five confirmations in one ward and then Elder Dawson also gave a baby blessing. It was about a half hour of blessings I think the speakers didn’t mind though.

Have a good week, sorry I didn’t type more this week. Love you all!!!!

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