Monday, May 9, 2016

9 May 2016

Crazy week and am not sure I’ll remember most of the details.

Monday- P-day was awesome we played ultimate Frisbee. After p-day we had dinner with a part member family and it went pretty well. Then we went and saw Kaden, I'm not sure if I mentioned him last week but we met him at the White’s house. He was just there chilling and we asked him if he wanted to get baptized and has like Yea!!! So we went and saw him today and his mom’s boyfriend is a less active member trying to re-activate and his sister was baptized but went less active and they all invited us back and are looking forward to seeing us!

Tuesday- Spent the morning ripping out a fence for a service project. It was pretty fun. We made more visits than I'm going to list but we found a new investigator. She has a little daughter and has a bit of a past and she wants to be affiliated with a better crowd so she's looking towards the church. Then we had a lesson with Kaden and his family and we got along great. It took a while to get focused, but we did get to the lesson eventually. He is an awesome kid though. One of the most golden investigators we have.

Wednesday- we had district meeting and Elder Dawson asked us each to train on PMG effective study. Then instead of training we just did a big think tank sort of deal. A lot of good things were brought up. A big one being, "do our investigators know how to effectively study?" We invite a lot of people to read the B.O.M but not many of them know how to study scriptures. Then nothing really picked up until the evening and we saw Kaden again to finish the restoration and I got my eye brows waxed. Their daughter was in the middle of doing it when we came over so Elder Dawson volunteered me and did a bad job. He barely even got anything off and I think they’re uneven now.

Thursday- weird day with weekly planning. It took up our entire morning. Then we went and did some contacting and then went on splits for the rest of the night. That’s about all I remember.

Friday- we had exchanges and I went to central 1 with Elder Vogt. We spent the morning volunteering at the Idaho youth ranch thrift shop. There was probably a dozen Elders there. It was pretty fun. We set a date with a guy named Diego. He's a super cool guy. He's into church and heavy metal. Kind of a weird mix but has really genuine. We had an awesome lesson with him. That’s about all I recall from the exchange. That and walking like 15 miles that day.

The weekend was awesome but am a little tired of typing, sooo am gonna end here.

Hope you all have an awesome week!!!!

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