Monday, May 16, 2016

16 May 2016

What’s up everyone? This week just seemed super long. So something I left out last week was that we gave talks on Sunday (Mother’s Day) and we were asked to speak on....*drumroll*.... missionary work... We both tried to find ways to incorporate Motherhood and missionary work together, while still giving advice on how to be an effective member missionary. Apparently the ward really liked it but it was one of the more unusual talks I've given.

Monday- I don’t remember really anything about this last Monday. Luckily I have a planner.  We saw a couple of potential investigators and things went surprisingly well. We figured they would just shut us down because they didn’t show much interest.  They still didn’t show much interest but showed more than we expected!

Tuesday- We spent the morning at Idaho Youth Ranch volunteering and at the end Elder Dawson found some LaBron basketball shoes. They were basically new and worth like $150 but he got them for 10 bucks. Then we went to the mission office to have interviews with President. I already had mine before transfers but Elder Dawson didn’t so I ended up having a second interview that lasted about 5 minutes. After we played some b-ball and taught shortly with this kid named Brain. We found him walking down the street one day and just talked and now he's taking the lessons. Most of our investigators here come from referrals so a street contact working out is super weird for me.

Wednesday- We weekly planned today because we have zone training tomorrow. Then later we had this church tour/activity and it didn’t turn out like we wanted. A few kids cancelled, but Ashley Moncur, the best 12 year old missionary I've ever met, brought a friend and we got a new investigator. We also went to Bamboo Garden as a district and had a shrimp eating contest... not the best idea, Walking around all day didn’t feel the best after that.

Thursday- Zone training was sweet! Elder Dart and Elder Horne are some awesome zone leaders; the focus was how to get members involved in the Lords work. We ended up going on a split which both lessons turned out really well.

Friday- Long morning we did tons of record keeping/catch up. Then we had a couple baptismal interviews later that evening.

Now I'm running out of time... sooo I hope you all had an awesome week and I hope this next one is just as good!

Love you guys!

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