Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2 May 2016

It’s been a crazy week and as much as I miss the people of I.F. being in Pocatello has been better than I dreamed!

Monday- P-day and kind of an odd one with transfers coming I didn’t bother shopping for food and then I didn’t get to really do anything for the activity because I was swamped by journals that people wanted signed. I don’t know if that’s big in every mission but here we all have transfer journal and people go all out (well the sisters) like they border the paper with frames and cut out all these pictures, then there’s me drawing stick people and yea. After P-day was mostly just some good byes and final visits, most of the night was over at Dave’s and it’s a bummer to leave him has an awesome guy and I really wanted to work with him more. Then at like 8:30 a couple of members we are close with took us to Reeds dairy for some good bye ice cream. Well I shouldn’t say a couple, it was supposed to be both the Stafford's but Kelsey was super sick due to being big with child, so she couldn’t tag along.

Tuesday- A very short and strange district meeting, followed a final lunch trip to Moranita's (super good Mexican restaurant) Then from like 2 o’clock to 9 we just had visits with like everyone we know, it surprised me that some of the people were as upset as they were, like I didn’t realize they felt that close to me, but it helped me know that at least we were doing something right.

Wednesday- Transfers!!!!! The morning took forever, it was mostly just sitting around the transfer sight writing more journals, then the transfer "train" came and dumped off a bunch of people I haven’t see in forever! And it was a crazy union for about 10 mins. Then we were off, getting to Pocatello was crazy! My new comp is a boss, I see my MTC comp once a week and the whole zone is just awesome. We live with members basically on the side of a mountain, and Elder Dawson loves to exercise so we have these sweet morning runs! But when we got back to the apartment we did a quick planning session got me caught up on some stuff and went to work, I don’t remember names that well but it was a sweet day

I’m running out of time so I’m just going to sum up some stuff, we had a game show style lesson with a family and the loser had to eat this nasty dessert they made. Elder Dawson was giving questions so it was me against them and we tied so everyone got nasty cupcakes. I technically lost but Elder Dawson just kept making up things to break the tie.

We had this sweet fasting miracle on Sunday, we have a couple girls on date and we dropped in to see them and they had a couple friends over, and we talked to all of them a bit, and on Sunday it was looking iffy if the White girls would even get to church, then they showed up with the friends they had over the other day! So we have a couple new investigators and they had an awesome time at church.

The new transfer is awesome and I love Pocatello. Life is good!!!

Hope you all have an awesome week!
 That's our puppy. I took a bunch of pictures but its tongue was out in every single one...
 Saying good bye to my favorite ZL (Elder Green)
 Saying good bye to Dominic. He's usually a lot happier and I was lucky to get the picture.
Got a present from Eliza.  It was a teddy bear.

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