Monday, April 25, 2016

25 Apr 2016

Kind of a weird week But I’ll start off with the big news so you don’t have to bother reading the whole thing. I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!!!! It’s a bummer in some ways but I’m super excited!!! So I will be moving down to Pocatello central 2, and be the district leader companion to Elder Dawson! I've been told by like three people that he's a "work horse" so I’m excited for what’s to come!!!!

Monday- Pretty slow Monday. I was super tired so I didn’t really even participate in the p-day activity I just chilled and talked to people. After P-day we saw Melba! I've mentioned her before but she's this super crazy lady in her late 80's and she was telling me I had to call president and let him know I couldn't move because there was this little old lady that had broken her hip and was almost converted to the gospel. We spent most of our evening just doing a puzzle with her. Then we got a call from Bishop Petersen and he said he needed us for a blessing for his little daughter. So we went over there and his little daughter Emma had a double ear infection. It is not easy to give a blessing to a baby in pain, they don’t sit still. But we gave him a hand then he walks around the corner and goes yea we were at Reed's dairy so we picked you up a tub of ice cream. We are pretty sure that was like 60% of the reason he called us over, because he's able to give his daughter a blessing himself, but I love the guy and I’m going to miss correlating at his house.

Tuesday- District meeting, we've been keeping the focus lately on teaching the lessons so we split into two groups and took turns teaching each other. It's weird because when your teaching missionaries we want to bring spiritual enlightenment so we get a lot more in depth, but when you’re teaching investigators explaining all this stuff has to be a lot simpler. Today the ZLs had a couple of double scheduled lessons and we didn’t have anything scheduled for the night so we went on exchanges, and doubled up on their area. I went with Elder Bushman, and we from there went on splits with members, so I met Cheryl really nice lady that basically works to hard, and she talked for most of the time then I basically shared a scripture and headed to the next appointment. With Jarrett he recently got out of prison and he is awesome, like obviously mistakes were made but he's been taking the lessons and is already being a member missionary, he's sending B.o.M to his family and friends. He won’t be able to be baptized until he’s off parole but he’s so solid.

Wednesday- A slower day but it was good, we took Martha (a less active) to the V.C and watched the restoration video, and we also had Jason's interview! That’s about all I remember from today.

Thursday- Planning day, so the morning was basically planning, but the afternoon got better. We had a lesson with the Hebdons and we finally finished L1 and we've had several lessons with them, they talk a lot and we get along so the lessons take a while, but I really feel like they are progressing well! Then we went and saw the Staleys and reviewed L3 with them. So last week Meadow finally warmed up to us and she talked none stop, then this week we brought over a new face just a guy preparing to go on a mission and she was super shy again. Then we were going to meet with Dave but he sent us a message and said, I think I’ll hold off on seeing you guys until next week I want to read the book of Mormon so we have something to talk about. I have no clue if he meant the whole thing or just like some chapters but at least he's showing interest.

Friday- Back to work at the soup kitchen we always meet a few crazy people there this time his name was Wayne and he was super nice but he kept giving us hugs and stuff saying how awesome we were for serving missions, and I’m pretty sure he isn’t LDS but hey potential. Then we helped Green and Christensen (they were on exchanges) gives a blessing to this crazy lady. She had a heart of gold but she was a little out there. We went and saw Dominic and he was being a bum to us because he was grounded but, his mom ended up texting his dad while we were there and he now has permission to be baptized! Then on our way to dinner we met a schizophrenic guy and he was super nice but just a little weird, there were a lot of crazy people today.

Saturday- Jason's baptism! nuff said! but it was a really good service his soon to be family in law did a really good job with the program. During a video/testimony intermission we gave while they changed the AP's called us about transfers... worst timing in the world. then we had a lunch in over at their house, but left a bit early to start moving. Not for transfers just the third time I’ve moved apartments in the same area, so I haven't even bothered unpacking because I’m going to be gone to Pocatello soon.

Sunday- Busy day we tried to make it to all our wards so I could say good byes to people but the 26th ward cancelled church because they had a power outage. So we didn’t make it to the 26 and 28th ward. But Bishop Petersen did call me up on the stand to give a farewell testimony; I guess is what I would call it. But it was a crazy busy day in the 11th ward, Jason got confirmed and they had a missionary home coming. We finished up the day by visiting Melba so I had to break the news that I was for sure leaving. Just been a crazy week

Anyways I hope you all are doing well!!!

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