Monday, April 11, 2016

11 Apr 2016

This week flew by

Monday- Nothing special while we shopped or anything, But P-day activity was legit, so over in Eagle Rock where all the rich folk in I.F. live. There is this old wealthy farmer guy and he has this building behind his house. He calls it his play house and it has a swimming pool (which we didn’t use) a basketball court, 2 ping pong tables, Foosball, air hockey, corn hole, and a bunch of other miscellaneous things to do. So we had a corn hole tournament, (just in case some people call it a different thing corn hole is the bean bag toss game) and I quit after the first game I won. Elder Lawlor carried our team. He sank like three in the hole right in a row. Then some of us moved on to ping pong. I got a little heated during it and smashed the ball. It shot over and hit sister Fielding right in the throat and left a welt and now she won’t let me forget about that. After P-day we went over and saw Dominic and just reviewed some lessons. It was a pretty good day!

Tuesday- In the morning we went and helped out Jason with his house again and talked about his baptism program. We spent a couple of hours there mudding the dry wall. We also moved some beds around for him. We worked on the program for a while then stopped by Dominic again to review some more stuff and show him his program.

Wednesday- I don’t remember everything that was going on but we saw Martha, a less active who is trying to quit smoking. We didn’t meet for that long; just talked about getting her to see bishop Then on our way back home we RAN INTO PATRICIA AND MIKE! So if you remember, Patricia had a baptism date that fell through then she moved and fell off the radar. Mike is her friend; he's crazy. I love the guy but he's like half insane. When I saw these two walking, I like flipped out and flew over to the other side of the street. I kind of freaked them out but they were super happy to see us. So we parked our bikes and went for a walk with them before dinner. They are doing awesome! Patricia is working on getting everything back together. She definitely still has a testimony of the church. She just needs to overcome some stuff. Then Mike, ever since I’ve known him he's just been really into science and aliens, for the first time said he is warming up to the idea of God! He says every time he talks with us he just feels better about himself.  Just goes to show, "by love shall all men know that we are his disciples." These two are the first two people I taught. On my very first day in the field we went to Mike's house and had a lesson with Patricia on faith. I was super awkward and had no clue what to do. Just a lot of history with those two.

Thursday- Zone Training!!!! Love zone training. Mostly because I’ve really come to love learning. I wish I was this engaged when I was in high school. We went and helped Jason again. Now that the mud was dry we got to sand down everything. He didn’t like how the power sander did it so we did it all by hand. Now by no means are we professional carpenters. We are pretty lucky he is like 60% blind so he can’t really tell if we do a bad job. As we were leaving his wife-to-be showed up and found donuts in his freezer. He's diabetic and his mom keeps sending him donuts because she works at the bakery, so he gets all the extras. So his wife-to-be won’t let him eat donuts so he passes them on to us. We got about 2 dozen normal donuts because of that but tomorrow gets better.

Friday- Today was pretty neat. We helped out at a soup kitchen. That was tons of fun. All the people that came through were really kind and friendly. We might end up doing it again. But after the soup kitchen we were out and about when we got a call from Jason and he had some donuts for us to pick up. So we stopped by his house and he had 6 dozen donuts...... so we carried them all home. We ended up giving away two dozen on the way home.

Saturday- Today there was just too much food. So one of the donuts we got is this monster donut like 6 donuts in one at least and I decided I would try to eat it as fast as I could. It still took like 5 mins. Then we went to breakfast with a senior couple from the V.C and I ate there. Then we did some service and they made us lunch then we planned and got picked up for dinner. I’m amazed I didn’t throw up. Today was another big service day, we helped an elderly lady with her lawn and moved a wood pile and stuff. It was a lot of fun and her grand kids were there to help out so they kept us entertained. Then after dinner we were going to make a visit when this lady across the street yells, "Are you missionaries? Can you help us move this stuff out?" So we did some random service and they just had us move everything they couldn’t carry which is pretty typical, but we were more than happy to help and we might get a new investigator out of it.

Love all of you

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