Monday, April 18, 2016

18 Apr 2016

I've been super tired this week and am not sure why. Oh and transfer calls are coming up this Saturday and it sounds like I will be transferred for the first time! The thing I find weird is that after this week I will have moved three times to different apartments but I haven't been transferred once.

Monday- Was pretty legit nothing special as far as shopping goes, but for p-day activity we combined with the Ammon zone and played soccer, kickball and smashed soda cans with a bat (pretty good stress relief). After Zone activity we and the zone leaders exchanged for the evening. I'm not entirely sure why... but it was a pretty good Monday. Elder Bushman and I went around in my area and we caught the Hebdons and caught up with them and shared a lesson on the seed of faith. Then we stopped by Dave's and his door was open and T.V was on but he didn’t answer, so we went back to the apartment to grab our directory.... and both of our companions had the apartment keys. So we started going back out to look for something to do when Dave passed by in his little convertible and turned towards his house. So we just kind of followed him and chatted for a bit. He's a super solid guy. Literally every time I talk to him I feel the spirit, He's so prepared. After our chat we headed over to the V.C to get a baptism interview done for the west stake elders. And that about wrapped up the night.

Tuesday- District meeting morning and we got our topics last night so luckily it was all about teaching lesson one and it was kind of like a giant role play. So we all taught each other. It was weird though because we were teaching other missionaries so we all ended up going way deeper into detail and thoughts than we normally would with someone just learning the gospel. We talked about why the first vision is important (like why is it important that Heavenly Father, and Christ showed themselves to Joseph), about how the Great apostasy isn't a sea of pasta, but actually a sign that we are in the last days, and other details that would not normally be discussed in the first discussion. Not much else occurred today we had to break the news to Jason that we aren't allowed to do water’s edge confirmations; we worked the baptismal program and other boring stuff.

Wednesday- This morning was pretty cool so we got the chance to go to several seminary classes and share messages, mostly pertaining to member missionary work and being an example of Christ, but it was a pretty cool opportunity and I think a few kids actually took it to heart! Hopefully they're better than I was at their age (a whole year and a half ago) and actually act on the things missionaries ask them to do. Then we had a lesson with a couple of less active ladies who are quitting smoking and trying to get temple worthy. Then we went over to a pot luck and saw Patricia there. Her life is still a bit of a mess but she's improving and that’s awesome.

Thursday- weekly planning for the first half of the day, and then we had interviews!!!! Interviews were awesome, it’s always cool to get council from President and from what he said it sounds like am going to get transferred. He never thinks about it until like 5 days before transfers but he said there was going to be a lot of changes. So transfers should be fun! I don’t want to leave this area but at the same time I feel like I need a change. I've been here half a year! All I can say is six months took way longer to pass by when I was working at Wal-Mart.

Friday- The only thing I really remember is working at the soup kitchen and that’s about it, but we did end up with a referral out of it. Plus we got to do service so win-win.

Saturday- I finished the Book of Mormon!!!! Ok well that was deceiving so I finished the Book of Mormon in the book of Mormon, so not the whole Book of Mormon. I think that’s still confusing so as simply as I can put it I have Ether and Moroni left to study. Most of the afternoon consisted of working on talks and helping with the sister’s baptism. Later we saw Noah and we are hoping to go fishing with him next Monday. Then we saw the Heaths and helped them move a few things in their house and caught up with them.

Sunday- The talks went really well I feel. Elder Browning talked about forgiveness and I spoke on repentance. It’s always tough to tell if the talk actually went well because the ward is always kind. But I feel like we did a really good job and I know my talk a least helped one lady. She was visiting from another ward and said she had to teach on repentance next week and didn’t know what to say. But now she does. Then we split with the Zone leaders. All four of their churches start at 1 o’clock and we have no wards that hour so we split with them and they had 4 investigators attending the ward. I went to with Elder Green! After we had a baptismal interview for one of their investigators, super funny guy. Really country. He drives truck and is super solid in the gospel. Then for the rest of the day we basically just met with Bishop Petersen.

All and all it was a decent week could have been better could have been worse. Hope all of you are doing well!

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