Monday, July 11, 2016

11 Jul 2016

Sorry everyone for all the delays in emailing. So two weeks ago we went to Yellowstone on p-day. We get the chance once, well we used to now we are in a different mission. Then the fourth of July everything was closed so we had very limited computer access. But it was fun. We went on a big hike and just enjoyed a nice easy day.

So a week and a half ago the mission split. Nothing too crazy has happened yet as a result. But the craziness is about to start.  The influx due to the new mission will be so great that everyone except for the zone leaders will be training. So it will be an exciting transfer. I'm pretty excited about training!

This week has been really slow. Everyone has been out of town or just too busy for us. So we have spent a lot of time meeting with ward leaders and we have been seeing a lot of good results out of it! The only other thing is that we no longer live with members. We got moved into an apartment with two other Elders and they have had like four dates that they were supposed to move on but it keeps getting postponed. They should be out by Tuesday.  Hope it doesn't sound like I'm rushing them out, They are super cool guys but living with four Elders is always a little cramped.

Hopefully next week I'll be able to sit down and give a better report but things have been really  busy the last few weeks, and with the mission changing so much it might not stop.

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