Monday, July 18, 2016

18 Jul 2016

 This week has been pretty cool. A lot of working with ward leaders and it feels like there is a new excitement about missionary work in the area, hopefully that fire keeps burning. Also I was slightly misled by president. So within the next two transfers everyone but 2 elders will be training. So I'm staying were I am for the next six weeks. But I'm happy about that. We just started getting the wards excited I don’t want to miss out on what might come.

Monday was super busy. We had a service project in the morning so we missed like half our p-day so we were short on time. Then we had a lesson with a recent convert and she has a kid with Aspergers, It was just a little chaotic. But all and all the Spirit was still there especially when we got him to calm down.

Tuesday- We finally got Elder Boatwright and Vogt out of our apartment!!! No I'm going to miss those guys but it was a little crowded, and Elder Boatwright was running low on food so we had to share. The rest of the day was pretty good. One thing we learned is that in old town they have a lot of houses and apartments in the alleyways not on the streets so it fixed a lot of issues with finding people. Also we figured with all the space in the apartment now we are going to dedicate one room to making a giant map of old town. It’s going to be legit.
 Wednesday- So we almost flipped out this morning we were told that the other Elders might be moving back into the apartment.... But luckily all the problems got solved! Today was interesting though, I learned all about Pokémon Go. We stopped at a house and someone talked to us for about 40 minutes on Pokémon Go.... then after that we were walking down the road and this truck drove past at about 5 miles an hour with four people on their phones in the bed playing Pokémon Go.... The game sounds interesting but it’s weird to watch people play it. Also apparently every ward building is a gym. So we think that might be a new way to get people to church but we probably won’t be pushing that.

Thursday- Today was awesome. We had three good lessons one was with the Stoddard’s and we are still trying to figure out how to get permission for the daughter. Then we had a church tour with Mark and that was awesome. We got super sidetracked when talking about the sacrament but brought it back around plus it was all about things relating to the church. But the end was awesome Mark committed to prayerfully read the Book of Mormon and he said he would have an answer by Sunday. I'm not sure if he has gotten the answer yet or not but he is searching for sure. He was the designated driver for some friends Saturday night so he didn’t make it to church in the morning. But he is progressing really well!
Friday was a pretty short day not a whole lot happened

Saturday we did exchanges and it was a little crazy. Like I don’t know what was with everyone but I had never been cursed at as much as I was today. At least 5 different people flipped us off, several people yelled at us through their car windows, but it was a good day and it all paid off when we met Mickey. She may or may not be baptized but she has an awesome spirit and we had a basically a 40 min testimony meeting. But it was awesome. Totally worth being cursed at consistently.

All and all it’s been a really good week. Hope everyone back home is doing well!

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