Monday, August 1, 2016

25 Jul 2016

So this week was Pioneer day and apparently that’s a thing. I honestly don’t remember much of this week maybe it’ll come back while I'm typing.

Monday- Pretty busy, we couldn’t find a ride. The guy that we planned to have drive us around locked his keys in his car along with his spare keys. So we walked to a nearby grocery store. Then found a ride with someone else but that ended up taking like 2 hours. Anyway it was a pretty good day we had a meal with a part member family. We aren’t sure how to help the husband progress. He accepts the Book of Mormon and basically the entire church but he just isn't willing to commit at this time. Then we had a lesson with a recent convert. It was a little hectic. She has one child with mild autism and the other kind of instigates him. But eventually we got a little bit of order and we were able to get the Spirit in there. It helped that it turns out our member was a special needs teacher back in the day (we had no idea).

Tuesday- We had district meeting a day early so we could do it before transfers and even though it’s an eternity away, one thing that stuck out to me was just making sure my mission doesn't end when I go home. Especially since this is a place where we focus so much on member missionary work. It would be crazy hypocritical if I went home and never assisted the missionaries. The afternoon was pretty lazy - lots of trying to make contacts. Then we had a lesson with the Green family and it went pretty well. The one we are teaching there is a nine year old and she has had lessons in the past so it was pretty cool she brought out all these papers she had of the plan of salvation. Then we had a super late dinner, we ate at 8 o’clock so we were starving. It may not seem that late but it’s a long time for us.

Wednesday- Transfers and well nothing really changed for us. I don’t recall much of the day though.

Thursday I don’t recall much from today either.

Friday- We had a lesson with Mark, He's our most serious investigator and we brought up baptism last time we saw him. He made a letter to organize his thoughts and he gave it to us. He said he felt no need to be re-baptized but we explained to him if he studies the Book of Mormon more and gets an answer it’s not a re-baptism but a baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ. So he is going to continue studying and searching for that answer. I shortened it up a lot but it was a two hour lesson. Well I suppose about 15 mins of that was him and our member present talking about gluten allergies though.

Saturday- Pioneer day! So there used to be a whole parade for this that the entire town went to, like it was bigger than the fourth of July. But the city got mad because Pocatello is a little sick of Mormons. So now the stakes just put on individual celebrations. They had a mini parade and stick pull and someone made sarsaparilla, it was a pretty good day. Sadly our investigators didn’t attend. Later that day we had a meal with one of our bishops who has been the busiest out of them all and we finally had a chance to sit down and really meet him and get him involved with our work. Also they are calling a new ward mission leader and we don’t know who it is, but the bishopric has been hyping him up big time. We are just excited because it’s been a month and a half since we have had a ward mission leader.

All and all it was a pretty good week. And I hope you all have a good week!!

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