Tuesday, August 30, 2016

15 Aug 2016

This week flew past, like its a blur, Sunday was awesome though we had 3 non-members come and there were like 5 less actives that came to church!!

Monday- I don't remember anything

Tuesday- we got Elder Magallon's bike tire fixed; then it popped two hours later... Oh that day we also met a kid named Draven who was baptized in I.F and is trying to find the church. So we talked to him and he got there this Sunday!

Wednesday- we had district meeting. We also had a lesson with a couple the Spanish Elders are teaching. We were trying to figure out who should be teaching them. The Spanish Elders are going to keep teaching them. They had a litter of puppies and they were adorable!

Thursday- Tons of planning like usual, We had a lesson with the Stoddards and just reviewed what baptism is with Ducky. Then ended the night with a correlation meeting and the ward missionaries seem pretty excited about doing work. So I wont be shocked if good things happen there.

Friday- Crazy day, We had 5 members present set up and 3 fell though but it was an awesome day. We met with Mark and had a super good lesson.  He was trying to fix his DVD player when we got there and he said "yea it was barely working last night but... I think it just gave up the ghost." We find it funny when people talk in scriptural terms. That's part of what makes Mark so great. This week he had a lot of questions about how we perform baptisms and things of that nature so we are hoping that is a good sign! Then we had a meeting that I'm not going to go into detail about. Then we had a late dinner with a family who wants everything to be a bit low key, but they are going to get baptized. Nothing sketchy is happening. They just don't want everything publicly announced.

It was a pretty good week everything kind of built towards the week end but its time to get headed out for me.

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