Tuesday, August 30, 2016

22 Aug 2016

So Pretty good week. Well a really great week.

Monday- so for p-day a couple of Sisters said they set up capture the flag and when everyone got there it was a service project. But we did play capture the flag afterward so it wasn’t really a lie. The trees we were playing in were a menace though, everybody left with cuts, I messed up one my hands with a pretty deep cut but it wasn’t too bad. Plus the whole area was covered in horse apples. But nevertheless it was a lot of fun.

Tuesday- We tried to watch Jeffery R Holland's devotional with Mark but he got a bit busy. The highlight of today though was talking with the Nielsons. So they want this to be low key but I don’t have anyone from the area on this message. But anyway we were having our lesson with them and first things first. While we were talking, their little three year old puked out of nowhere. That may have distracted from the Spirit a bit, but we got back on track.  We now have a date for sister Nielson to be baptized, and it set so that Brother Nielson has time to get worthy to baptize her! They are pretty close to the ward (they both grew up in it and they have family in the stake leadership) so the people that we have let know are just stoked. Like 5 years of prayers are being answered. Bishop was ready to party once we told him. But to be clear, this is really nothing of our own doing. They just finally feel the church is something they need in their life. We were just in the right place at the right time.

Wednesday- we finally had our first lesson with the Klye's. We met this family almost 2 months ago and they are a bit flaky at times, so lessons have never gone through. So another miracle!!!

Thursday-Super weird day so we spent all morning planning, we decided to do some work on organizing the area book. At like, 2:00 a guy knocked on OUR door. Felt so backwards. But this guy is a less active that fell away from the church. We met him a while back and his sister served a mission so he knew our apartments have the Jesus picture. Anyway he was trying to say it wasn’t bashing us and said oh you’re doing good things. But then told us basically the church is leading us to hell. He was a big "saved by grace" guy and said for whatever reason our belief in Christ won’t save us but all you need to do to be saved is believe in Christ. We tried to discuss with him, but from the get go I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere. So we lost like three hours trying to help him understand. Like the thing is we believe that we are saved by the grace of God, But in order to obtain that grace, we need to follow Christ, which entails that we keep commandments that we can and work to have a Christ-like nature. But yea it’s tough when people won’t consider the things you say. But above all else..... HAPPY B-DAY BENNY!!!

Friday- Had a lesson with Mark, He loves the Word of Wisdom. We told him transfers are coming and he said and I quote "Maybe we should get this thing done before you guys leave." He hasn’t accepted a date yet, but he will get there.

Saturday- mostly met with leaderships and talked about how to help out individuals

Sunday mostly went to church

Enjoy your week everybody, and save periodically when typing long messages.

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