Tuesday, August 30, 2016

29 Aug 2016

So things are going good in Pocatello, but changes are coming! So this Wednesday I will start second half training Elder Curtis in Montpelier. So I'm going to be transferred. Basically nothing is staying the same in the mission. 43 of our 55 companionships are going to be in training this transfer. It’s a little crazy but it’s going to change the mission for sure. 

I don’t feel like doing a day-to-day of this week. Things have been awesome. We had a lesson with the Nielsons and they are still going strong. We actually had two lessons this week with them. We taught all the commandments and they are already following most of them. They are just ready to go. They have been preparing for several years and they just decided now is the time.

Then we also had a lesson with Mark. We knew this would be my last lesson with him so we made sure that it was a good one. He likes the church so much. He is just like a step away from really committing to the church.

We had an awesome Fireside last night but none of our investigators were able to make it. A couple people shared their conversion stories, they were pretty intense stories, but they were awesome none the less.

I'm pumped to be training it should be a fun experience especially since I don’t know the area at all. But the Lord will help me out.

Have an awesome week!!!

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