Wednesday, February 15, 2017

13 Feb 2017

Things are going well, out here in Idaho, The big news this week is that transfers are upon us. Im shipping out to Black foot west and will be joining Elder Holmes. Im pretty excited for the move! I'll miss Montpelier but it’s nice to get a fresh start!

Monday- Welp for p-day we skinned an Elk and had a district Family home evening. We had a lot of plans for the evening but they all cancelled.

Tuesday and Wednesday- We went down to Cokeville, we are still trying to figure out everything the other Elders had going on, we visited a few people that I remembered, one was a less active family more so the father, and they have been very inviting and friendly. They have been making changes and are contemplating a move. The we saw a couple that is wanting to be baptized, they have a bit that they need to do before getting baptized, one of the big ones is getting married, but they really want the gospel and want to make these changes so it’s awesome to see that desire they have.

Thursday and Friday- Kind of a slow couple of days but also way to warm, everything started melting it rained and now there’s flooding all across the valley and really all across Idaho. It’s really bad in the bear lake area, like there are so many people sandbagging and just trying to keep things dry, some people are worried about the reservoir filling up to much but I guess just pray for the best.

Saturday- we got the word that I’m going to Blackfoot so today was mostly good byes same with Sunday but on Sunday we also spoke out in Dingle. I spoke about being spiritually awake. one of my favorite words in scriptural use is awake. There’s a difference between not sleeping and actually being awake. But to be spiritually awake means we are actively seeking the council of the Holy Ghost, we aren't just reading the scriptures but likening them unto ourselves, we seek opportunities to be like the savior and to serve and love others. It’s definitely hard at times to stay awake, especially when you’re first waking up but as we make these things a common practice and attitude, it becomes easier to be awake and attentive to the spirit, and to continually have the love of the Lord in our hearts.

It was a pretty good week, and I hope you are all having a good week also!

Love you guys

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  1. Just beautiful! Your drive and dedication only helps those kiddos grow in even more ways. They are so tuned in to these sort of things. Keep up the great work... May will be here before you know it!
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