Monday, February 27, 2017

27 Feb 2017

Hey Everybody!

This has been a really good week, for starts Elder Holmes and I get along great so that makes everything like 10 times easier!

We did some service early this week. Really all we did was move a couch into a trailer but it helped us meet a guy named Terry. He's not a member and he has been reading the Book of Mormon to see how it lines up with the Bible. After we helped him with the couches we talked to him for a while and we went back later this week to help him build one of those snap together sheds in the middle of a blizzard. That was fun.  Terry is a super nice guy. He made us some lunch and we are hoping to have some more formal lessons with him. Since he is already reading the Book of Mormon, we just pointed out Moroni's promise and invited him to pray as he read.

We also had Zone conference this week. That was sweet! The focus was around spiritual promptings. The bulk of it was, if it feels like a prompting it probably is, so go with it even if it doesn’t make sense. A lot of times we wonder is that the Spirit or just me, and if it invites to do good then don’t worry about it just go and do good. As we show faith in following through in what we think might be a spiritual prompting it shows Heavenly Father our faith and that we aren't going to ignore his Spirit when it comes to us. So he will give it more abundantly as we follow through in heeding those promptings.

The funnest part about this week was probably when Saturday at 2 we got a call from Bishop Hawker asking if we could speak in fourth ward tomorrow.... So we gladly accepted.  I was actually really happy because I love speaking in new wards. It gives people a chance to get to know us. So we spoke on coming unto Christ and what really stuck out to me was just repenting daily and using the atonement. In Moroni 7:34 Christ says to repent and come unto Him, then to be baptized and continue in faith. But what stuck out was to repent and come unto Him. He didn’t say repent then come unto me. We can’t truly come unto Christ unless we repent and we can’t truly repent unless we come unto Christ. The two are inseparable. A lot of times we feel we shouldn’t come to Christ until we feel we have resolved everything around our issue and we feel clean enough to come to Him. But that isn't how it works. We don’t wash the close before we put them in the washing machine, because we don’t want the washing machine to deal with those dirty clothes. Anyways that was the gist of my talk.

It was a really good week and I hope you guys had a good week too!

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