Saturday, March 11, 2017

6 Mar 2017

Hey everybody

Monday- In the evening we had a visit with the Gonzales Family and it was pretty good. The wife was baptized not too long ago and the husband’s interest in the church is not too great, but they are a really nice family. They have a couple of children and their youngest boy is hilarious. Half way through the visit he walks out and his mom goes "sugar, are you wearing different pants?" and the boy goes "Well Duhhhh, I peed my pants" Then he got in I fight with an imaginary person and he was getting beat up like he was throwing himself around, and we asked why don’t you fight back. His response was well I can’t hit a girl! So at least he's chivalrous.

Tuesday- Pretty slow day it was tough to catch anyone. We had interviews with president but that was about it.

Wednesday- we had exchanges so I went with Elder Saydee to the ysa area. We had a pretty good day. We shared the plan of salvation with a family. The Kids were pretty smart and there was good spirit about the lesson. Then we caught this guy named Moses and he has been recovering addictions, and we had tabbed a Book of Mormon for him to read, to help him out whenever he is temped. Hopefully he will use it.

Thursday- Between weekly planning and a couple of other things we had to prepare we were pretty wrapped up in paperwork stuff today. We did have a lesson though with the Hansen's and it’s going well with them. The parents are both members and are a little less active but mom is coming around a lot and so are the kids. The youngest son sparked it he wants to be baptized to watch the temple dedication and hopefully this will help the parents have the drive to make it to the temple.

Friday- we had zone training and that was pretty awesome. I took some notes but I don’t have them on me. I just remember Sister Clark had a training on seeing potential, and she couldn't find the picture she wanted so she tried to draw a guy painting a bird while looking at an egg. When I saw it I thought it was a bird flying into a window, but the trainings were really good.

Saturday- We helped fill sandbags; they are expecting a lot of flooding and are getting prepared for it so we spent about 4 hours helping fill sand bags. It was pretty fun and there were a lot of people there.

Sunday was good! The testimony meetings didn’t have any gaps it was great, we had ward council. We were in meetings until dinner then after dinner we talked to Bishop Hawker about some people and things are looking really good!

Hope you all have an awesome week!

Love you guys

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