Monday, March 20, 2017

20 Mar 2017

This has been a really good week! I got news that someone I was teaching back in IF is preparing for baptism! We also have a lot of new potential investigators. So it’s been a pretty good week!

Monday- Pretty usual did all our weekly prep and then we went to one of the bishop’s family home evenings. Mostly so we could meet the Bishop, he has been out of town since I came to the area.

Tuesday- we had an unexpected exchange. We had them planned for next week but the District Leader had to move them up a week so they happened without a lot of notice. I lead out the area with Elder Creel. He's got a really good heart, and has a funny guy. But the exchange went pretty well it was mostly just going around and setting up some appointments and getting some of the fellowshippers to follow up with a couple of our investigators. We had a lesson with the Falkners, they are a family that is returning to activity and we mostly just talked to the parents. She expressed some concern for some of her kids spiritually. So we talked about faith, how our faith is to go forth and do good then trust that the Lord has a plan and he will work things together.

Wednesday- was a pretty slow day; things just didn’t quite pan out.

Thursday- We had a first for me, just something I wouldn’t have expected. But we have people from the wards come out with us each night, and a priest was signed up to give us a ride. So we went to meet him and we saw like three people in the car. He brought two friends that weren't members... So we were going to correlate with one of the relief society presidents but we cancelled that and just tried to find any place we could share a message. So we taught a less active member and then just a couple of members from the ward. The Lesson with the members didn’t start of directed at them but the two friends started asking some questions, so the lesson turned towards them. One of them is coming to church this next week and we are hoping to teach him, the other is going to be taught by the zone leaders. It was a really good night and it was an awesome blessing.

Friday- We had district meeting about using the book of Mormon in teaching. It really is the most important tool of conversion. Of course for conversion to happen the spirit needs to testify of something, but when the spirit testifies of the book of Mormon then, everything else just falls into place. That’s why as missionaries follow up is a big thing for us, because our words can only spark the spirit, but when people are reading the book of Mormon and know its truth, then they become converted to the gospel and not to the missionary. So if you are trying to help others into the gospel the biggest thing you can do is to help them read and pray about the book of Mormon.

Saturday- not much happened, but on our way home that night we rounded a corner and we saw this car in the middle of the road a little ways down. Elder Holmes turned on his brights, then was like oh I probably shouldn’t and turned them back off, then while the car was still in the middle of the road all its lights just shut off. The car just vanished like we kept going down the road but it wasn't anywhere. It was weird.

Sunday- Sundays are usually the same for us we got to church from like 8:30 to 4:00 have dinner then we had Stake correlation meeting for basically the rest of the night.

Hope you all have a good week
love ya

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