Tuesday, June 20, 2017

19 Jun 2017

This has been a pretty good week, to start off if by some odd chance someone has sent me mail, and I’m going to be transferring down to Pocatello. I'll be back in old town! Not the same area as last year, but just adjacent to it.

This week we had some awesome things and at least one funny thing. But we have been trying to catch the Moseur family for several months. Never could catch them until Thursday! It was probably a blessing too. Its blended family type thing. But they have a daughter who usually lives in North Dakota but she is spending the summer her. It just so happened that she had been taking the lessons in North Dakota. We didn’t know any of this so we had been talking to the Mother for about 40 seconds and then she told us and asked us if we could come back and start teaching. They have another Child that always lives with them and she said it would be good for him to take the lessons as well. So Elder Frizzell and Turner will start teaching them next week!

Then we were going around with a member just trying some visits, and we pulled up to this address we had. There were two houses on the same drive way so we weren't sure which to knock on. But as we got out of the car this kid jumps out of a truck just ahead of us with a gun in his hand, and asked if we were "Mormons" we said yea and figured out it was just a BB gun He goes well were Catholics. We figured that he lived in the one house so we asked if anyone was in the other house and he said it was under construction. So we turned back towards the truck and the kid points at the house we thought was his and says, "well aren't you gonna tell them about the Mormons." We replied "isn't that your house" Then he says "nope, I’m gonna go shoot some snakes" *kid runs off*. We met who actually lived there he was going through the death of his father, so we left him a plan of salvation pamphlet and he said we could come back.

All and all it’s been a good week.
Love you guys

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