Monday, June 5, 2017

5 Jun 2017

I don’t have a whole lot I want to say this week, but the big thing that happened is the Idaho Falls temple was rededicated. So we got to watch that Elder Eyring gave a great talk on the comfort temple blessing bring into our lives. He told it a lot better than I will, but as he was working at BYU-I he went down to I.F. for someone’s sealing. As they were leaving the temple matron told his wife that the Teton dam had burst. Two of their children were with a sitter and the others were working on a farm not far off from the dam. The roads closed down and they had no contact to Rexburg. They spent the night at a motel. As President Eyring prepared for bed his wife turned and ask "you’re not going to sleep are you!?” So President Eyring turned to her and said, "we have good children and we have been sealed, no matter what we will see our children again, people will need help tomorrow and I plan to be ready." He went on to say that in that moment the spirit gave him a perfect assurance that the ordinance that they had performed was true and as real as anything in this world. 

It's been awesome to see so much excitement and enthusiasm in the re-opening of this temple and of course that a few years down the road another temple will be built in Pocatello. As I continue to learn and understand more of our Heavenly Fathers plan, his love, and his character the gospel just becomes so much dearer to me.

Love you guys

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