Monday, January 11, 2016

11 Jan 2015

So now that the holidays are over a lot of work has picked up. People don't have family over and they are willing to let us in again!

Monday-nothing too special as far as preparation time went. I have literally like no money right now because my debit card won't work until my new one gets sent, so all I have is my grocery card right now and a couple of spare dollars. The zone leaders are still pretty lazy about p-day activities,. This is the second week in a row we went bowling, which was fun but we are all rather poor and we can't afford to keep paying money to do stuff! So the coolest thing happened. One of our investigators that struggles with addiction relapsed a week or so ago and has just been avoiding us (this isn't the cool part). Today we got a call from her and she had set up and intervention for herself and had us and some of her close fellowshippers just talk and help her out. She even set up a meeting with the bishop all by herself and she's not even a member yet!!

Tuesday- Today was insane!!!! My studies recently have been in Mosiah. I love king Benjaman's address to his people. Its like the first General Conference. Then we had zone training and I really love those meetings. Our first training was on kindness/charity and the next three were all on the Godhead. The main lines that stuck out to me was a quote that pretty much said we cannot have spiritual progression unless we understand who God is! Then the next one is the role that prayer plays in coming to know God. The best way to get to know someone is to talk to them and that includes Heavenly Father.  After Zone training we went to the hospital to help our boy Eugene. We needed to take some things to his landlord for him. As we are leaving the hospital we stop to talk to a nurse who was concerned about Eugene. When we got done a lady stopped us and asked us to give a blessing to her son who had liver failure. He's less active but wanted the blessing and we referred missionaries to him for when he returns home. Then we start leaving again this time we get to the lobby and this guy is walking next to us also about to leave. Then this like 70yo lady stops us and gives us hugs because she's so proud of the work we do. After the hugs the man that was walking next to us had the impression to ask us for a blessing also (the blessing was for his less active daughter).  She was having surgery and she was actually a nurse at the hospital but she wanted the blessing. We left a B.o.M with her and shared a short lesson. Then we got to the lobby again and where stopped a third time. This man wanted us to give a blessing to his son who is active. So we agreed and went to give him a blessing. We spent 2-3 hours meeting with people and giving blessing,. I was drained after that but we had a lesson to get to. Anyway to avoid typing too much about today, we had a total of six lessons and it was an amazing day.

Wednesday- Studies today were Mosiah and it is the end of King Benjamin's address. My favorite part about chapter 4 is that this is where it promises blessing for families. Anyway we started the day by moving Eugene's stuff.  He's getting a new and cheaper apartment to move into once he's out of the hospital. Once we finished moving Eugene's stuff, which wasn't much (it took maybe 40 minutes) we got to move our stuff. We got a new apartment so we are no longer living with other elders which is less fun but probably more productive. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon moving our stuff and picking up furniture for the new apartment. This place has way more room than we need. There's two bedrooms and the living room is almost twice the size of our old one. We even have a back yard! We've had a lesson with the lady that relapsed every day this week, so shes going in an upward direction. We called the 1st councilor in the mission presidency today and he say that because of the relapse he wants us to wait until she's been two months clean until we extend another baptismal date. We had one other lesson tonight then met with one of our ward mission leaders and got like 4 or 5 referrals from him. Lots of good things happening!

Thursday- Our first night in the new apartment and I had a crazy dream that me and Elder Gillespie were fighting evil and random things happened and I became the Green Lantern! It was a pretty sick dream but I don't think it was a symbolic one like Lehi's dream *sigh*. So at 6:30 in the morning we got a call from the lady that we keep meeting with. She is moving this week to another apartment in the ward but as she was cleaning up some stuff from her place she found an old stash she forgot about. So she texted us because she didn't want to relapse again.  We were just telling her to stay strong and 10 seconds later we get a call from her. Shes crying but happy. Turns out she threw it down the sink! We were pretty proud of her to say the least. We had several lessons again today. Its been an awesome week. I'm running out of time so I'm going to start skipping a lot of details (the green lantern dream was probably not necessary to add)

Friday- I did a lot of study this morning more than I'm going to go into, but Elder G had a migraine and spent the first few hours of the day resting so I just had lots of study time. The main thing we did today was we helped the lady move to her new apartment and met a new friend of hers named Frank, This guy has done a lot of time but has also had a lot of change in his heart. Crazy past that i'm not going to go into but he's super nice and willing to help people now. We might even try to see if we can teach him some time.

Ok, well I'm out of time, I hope you all have an awesome week!!!!!

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