Wednesday, January 20, 2016

18 Jan 2016

This week was crazy, every other day we were super busy then not super busy. There are a lot of good things going on in Idaho Falls,
Monday- The Zone leaders planned ice skating and I'm still strapped on cash so Elder Gillespie and I just skipped out on it. We did get some sweet stuff at the D.I. (Deseret Industries). The crowning item was a ceramic bust of Joseph Smith that we got for $1.00. Its pretty legit. I should have taken a picture of it. While we were there this one employee kept helping us. Turned out he's a convert and turning his life around to go on a mission. We talked with him for a while and helped him with some questions.  Not much else happened today. We taught Patricia a short lesson. Then her friend Mike showed up and he's a different guy; very open to aliens psychics and etc. So he started asking all the random questions which lead into deep doctrine. We talked about Kolob for a while and different blessings from the tribes of Israel.  It was just a little weird.
Tuesday- I could go on forever about today. Just like last week it was insanely busy. We taught a total of seven lessons and that was after one of our lessons dropped. The first lesson was our buddy Eugene. It was one of his last days in the hospital and he actually started reading!!!! We could tell because when we asked what he read about he didn't start going on a tangent about Porter Rockwell, he actually talked about the Book of Mormon and doctrine. Then we taught Patricia again. We meet a lot with her. If we don't, things normally go bad. As we pulled up to her house she stepped out to smoke a cigarette after like 30 seconds of talking she says, "I cant do this." *puts out cigarette* "It just feels wrong to smoke in front of you two." It's weird but awesome to have that presence that makes people want to be better. Then we taught 4 more lessons so I won't go on and on in detail on each one.
Wednesday- Probably one of the harder days in the week. I went to the north stake for exchanges. The missionary I was with, I talked about him before, most people agree he's one of the hardest to deal with as a missionary companion. He has a good heart but just thinks he is exempt from some rules and he wants to hang out with the families he meets more than teach them lessons. This morning I woke up at 6:30 told him to get up and he wouldn't so I put the alarm next to his bed and took a shower. When I came out he still wasn't awake so I took the alarm and put it on his pillow. He woke up turned it of and fell back asleep. After my workout I went to pull his covers off his face and tell him to wake up. I didnt realize his sheet was wrapped around his face, so when I pulled on them he freaked out and sat up, yelled at me for doing that then went back to sleep. So I started my studies around 8:30. I got him to wake up and we never got any comp study done or 12 week because he was still doing his morning routine at 10:00. The day wasn't a total loss. We didn't teach any lessons but while we were tracting we came to this door and she was a member. She was talking on the phone. About 2 minutes into our visit she started to sniffle and asked for a blessing. So right place, right time. Its awesome how the Spirit leads you so these things work out. We did contact a family and broke the ice but we never got a message in which would have been preferable ( the other Elder was playing nerf wars with the kids).  I should have just stepped up and offered a lesson before we left. It was a tougher day but I had a lot of little revelations.
Thursday- Interviews with the President! Soooo we were told to bring our Area Book to the interviews and if there's one thing we've been terrible at its teaching records. So we spent like 4 hours updating 2 1/2 months of teaching. We had to go over to the Stake Center and first we had to actually organize everything and figure out what had been recorded. That took a while. We had a lunch break and then I realized, "Hey, I have a journal that has everything we've done for the last two months!" So I can without a doubt that keeping my journal has been a huge blessing. We finished up the teaching records just in time; ran over to the interviews and he never even looked at the area book.... but it was a good motivation for us to get it done. So I was talking with President then the question I feared he would ask came up. "So how would you feel about training next transfer?" I've come a long way and training just sounds scary. I told him that I can't say I would be super comfortable training but if that's what I'm called to do; who am I to disagree with the Lord? So this Thursday we will find out all the transfer information. Then with what we had left of the day, we just visited a few members and talked about how they could help us or how we could help them. 
Friday- nothing happened today and I mean literally nothing. Elder G was struck down with an illness so he spent all day sleeping. I tried and tried to find people that could come teach with me and someone that could watch Elder G. Alas, no one was able so I studied a lot. Although I would have had preferred not canceling all our appointments, a day just to study and pray was good for me. I had a huge witness that PRAYER WORKS. But that's a little personal sooo sorry I'm not sharing all of that.
Saturday- Exchanges again. This time I got to stay in my area and I got to comp up with Elder Jones. Awesome and obedient kid but you have to remember we are still 19-20 year old kids. We were driving from one appointment to another. Then I just see his seat fly backwards and his legs shoot up in the air. He whips out a lighter and yea lights a fart on fire in the car.... and it reeked. But it was still pretty funny. So back to the work. Since it was my area this was my first time taking lead in an area and it went pretty well. I had a good plan. Together it was going to be a super productive day but our lessons started to fall through just because people are busy. As a missionary you like to think that people always have time for you but sometimes they just don't. You kind of forget what its like to have a normal life. We did have one lesson and it went really well. A less active mother with 4 kids. The mother is getting interested in the church again and a couple of the kids accepted our invitation to be baptized! So if anything else, that makes up for how the rest of the day went.
Alrighty, I got to get going, hope you all have a wonderful week!

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