Monday, January 25, 2016

25 Jan 2016

I've been debating sharing this miracle mostly because it doesn't pertain to me but its pretty amazing to say the least, So the sisters, Bueno and  Park, have been teaching this couple and got them commit to get married so they can be living the law of chastity. The guy has lung cancer and was given four years to live. They got him to go get a blessing from the bishop and he was promised as he faithfully followed the commandments he would see great miracles. A few days later he went to see his doctors and they did a scan and the cancer was gone! So I can testify that miracles still happen, God lives, and THIS IS the Church of Christ. Not all our miracles will be as obvious or incredible as being cured of a terminal illness. But as we are faithful and obedient the Lord WILL bless us according to our needs.

Monday- P-day and we had a pretty legit activity! We took pvc pipes and used them as blow guns for nerf bullets. We did team death match Capture the Flag and just had a ton of fun with it! We flipped over tables for bunkers and used folding chairs for shields. Brother Kaveinga, I hope you're taking notes. After P-day we had a dinner appointment with the Herringtons, a less active family that started coming back. We are prepping their 8 year old son to be baptized and also working to get them sealed. The wife is a pastry chef and made us breakfast for dinner so we ate well to say the least. I'm not positive it was healthy but we ate well. Then we stopped by a referral his last name is Hamilton and this guy has already attended church with his neighbor. He's dating an LDS girl that also lives next door, so he seems pretty golden. He's been softened to the gospel through over coming a drinking problem, so we are excited to work with him.

Tuesday- We had tons of stuff planned for this evening and none of it really turned out, except our recent convert lessons with the Kisely family. Brother Kisely was the first baptism on my mission and that family is just hilarious to be around. He had an appointment to get interviewed for the Aaronic Preisthood and he is now ordained as a priest. A few other things happened today but not anything I'm going to share or bother to take your time with, Before we went to bed we got trainer calls for the coming transfer, and thankfully I do not have to train yet!

Wednesday- In studies today I realized one of the best parts about reading the Book of Mormon is we learn how the adversary attacks us. 2 Nephi 28 or 29 is all about how the adversary works on us. Then every time we see people like Zeezrom contending with prophets like Alma, it shows a lot of the ways that the Adversary tries to lead us away by twisting the words of God. We had a worldwide missionary broadcast for the first time in like 10 years and I took four full pages of notes on everything that was talked about. The funniest part was when David A. Bednar just sand bagged this missionary's answer. He asks what is the role of missionaries and the Holy Ghost in conversion? The missionary answers its our job to put the Holy Ghost into the hearts of the investigator. Elder Bednar responds and goes on like a 5 or 10 minute rant on how we cannot put the Holy Ghost into their hearts. We can only invite and hope that they accept it. Otherwise every person that ever talked to the prophet would be converted. After that spiritual high the rest of the day was pretty good. We had a few lessons and we have one girl that is super beyond ready to be baptized but her mom won't let her. Sometimes agency is just irritating but not much we can do about that.

Thursday- today was a good day a lot of lessons but I'm getting a little tired of going into detail on as many lessons as I am. I had a lot of personal revelation this morning, mostly on building faith and different aspects of repentance that apply in my life. We did a lot of contacting today and set up like 5 visitor center appointments and set up things for like the next two days. As we were leaving a house we saw a car drive by with a teewee and we thought it looked like the Spanish Elders were lost so we followed them for a bit and flagged them down; flashed our brights and stuff trying to get them to pull over and when they did we noticed it was sisters Bradshaw and Miller. They were freaked out because we kept following them and etc. They were on the edge of their area so we helped direct them quick and then went back to contacting.

Friday- I'm skipping Friday. Most stuff canceled and just nothing much happened

Saturday-  We had tons of stuff  fall through but I think I had revelation in a dream. I'm not positive so that might be something to share in a future time. The biggest thing that happened today was transfer call!!!!! And I knew that this was coming but my time with Elder Gillespie is coming to an end, I will be staying in Idaho Falls Central but my new comp will be Elder Browning and I know that this will probably be the best for me, Elder G and I got into a weird teaching dynamic, and I needed a new comp to help me grow more.  Most of the day was people crying because we had to tell them that Elder Gillespie was leaving,

Ok. I'm wrapping this but probably the funniest thing this week was we went to the Ziels. We were talking and their daughter was freaking out because she wanted to say something. So we let her talk (keep in mind shes 5 years old) and we all here her say "my pants are keeping a secret from you"...... We all paused for a second then burst out laughing. We realized she was trying to say parents not pants, but it was hilarious.

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