Monday, December 5, 2016

5 Dec 2016

So this has felt like a really long week and im not sure why, but it’s also been a good week.

Monday- not much happened

Tuesday- we went to Poky, Elder Graham needed a military dependent I.D. We went over with our ward mission leader and we tried to tell him we needed to go to the National guard, but he kept saying don’t worry I know where the VA is.... So he took us to the VA and they couldn’t help at all and then we went on this goose chase to figure out where National Guard place is. Anyways got that all taken care off. I guess I gave some people a scare though. So we had a suit case that Elder Curtis left in Montpelier long story, but he is back in the mission so we dropped it off at the mission office. Well there was a district leader meeting, and a bunch of people saw me out side with this suit case so they started freaking out thinking that I was going home. But I’m not. The rest of the day was pretty slow we saw Barbara in the evening she’s been having a rough time so we wanted to check in and make sure she was doing ok. I think it was a good thing we stopped and gave her a checkup and it sounds like there are some ward members that did the same so it’s good to know she is being supported.

Wednesday- District meeting it was Elder Welling’s last district meeting; it was mostly focused around planning. In honor of his last district meeting we gave him a funeral, I don’t have the pictures but there was a lot of mourning to say the least. Then we got back to Montpelier and turns out we forgot some stuff the Cokeville Elders needed so we went to Border and stuff and then we got back in town and it was like dinner time already so we lost like half our day. But yea not a whole lot happened after that.

Thursday- Super busy day.  We saw Craig an older gentleman that we are teaching; he is trying to give up smoking so that he can make it to the temple. He's got quite a few health problems but is still fairly mobile. We read Alma 7 with him and talked about how the Lord knows our trials and about how we can turn to him in prayer and scripture study. Then we saw Barbara in the evening and had a lesson about following Gods will and trusting in him. We shared the will of God Mormon Message it’s about a farmer who prunes back this bush drastically so it can bring forth fruit and they us that as like a parable. Im not going to explain the whole thing, but it really helped Barbara with the trials that she’s been facing and just to face them with confidence and trust in God. Then we met the Reamers, they are a kind of less active family kind of not, and we got to know them and encouraged them to make sure they attend church. Our message was about maintaining our faith. You don’t fix a roof when it’s raining kind of deal.

Friday- We helped one of the young men with his Eagle Scout project which was setting up hobo fires for this street kind of Christmas block party deal that the town was putting on.  After we helped we went and visited a few folks and then tried to do some street contacting at the festivities. Im so glad im in a mission where we work with referrals, street contacting is so tough, that and 80% of the people there where members.

Saturday- Awesome miracle happened today most of the day was fairly slow but night came around and we were saying a prayer after dinner and we got a message from Ryley a kid we are teaching. We haven't been able to get a hold of him for like 2 weeks and he asked if we wanted to Ball it up. So we went to the gym and played some ball with him and his friend. We left with a message about why Christ came to earth and focused on the example he showed. We talked about baptism and he said that he was talking to his mom and they think February he will be able to, we feel he could a bit sooner but we will talk to mom and figure more out before we say that for sure. But it was a good day

Sunday- Always good we enjoyed fast and testimony meeting and got to teach one of the youth classes. We talked about service and serving others. Then we had studies to catch up on until dinner. Between church and meetings we have to reschedule study time on Sundays, but then we had dinner with the Biesingers one of our ward mission leaders, and watched the Christmas Devotional with them.

All and all it was a good week, and I’d like to invite everyone to look at and check out the 25 days of service activity.

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