Monday, November 28, 2016

28 Nov 2016

Its been a good week and winter is upon Idaho. We've got some snow. Temperature isn't bad yet its still around the 20s and 30s. Elder Graham isn't a huge fan of it... but he'll adjust or he'll suffer through it, one of the two. I should be more compassionate but it was funny. We were on a door step and it started to snow and it was probably about 25 out, and he looks over at me and asks, "Does it really get worse?"

Monday- pretty chill day we did all the usual stuff and just played some card games at a church building. We had a great lesson with Ryley that night. So three months ago when I was getting transferred down here Elder Hale told me to find Ryley. We've spent three months trying to meet him and a week or two ago Elder Horn and I caught him outside and played some football with him. Anyways so we had a lesson with him and it went really well. He remembers most of the stuff the other Elders taught him and he came to church this week! 

Tuesday- I don't remember what we did on Tuesday

Wednesday- We had a lesson with Betty and we will probably back off for a little while. She is an awesome lady but just doesn't want to progress right now so we are going to give her some time to just think, and maybe make a short visit now and again. Umm it was transfers but that didn't affect us at all, except our district split back in half, but in like 2 weeks it will combine again.

Thursday- I think this is when the first of the snowfall came and I decided to drift around a corner and Elder Graham didn't like that. Aside from that, we actually were productive that day and oh yea it was Thanksgiving. That slipped my mind. Somehow we ended up with three lessons set up on Thankgiving and then they all cancelled because I don't think they realized what day the lesson was on. But we enjoyed the holiday at the McDonald's. That's a family not the restaurant. Then we spent a bit of the evening with Bishop Payne.

Friday- another day that I cant recall at the moment.

Saturday- ummmm I'm drawing a blank here too. We got new planners and I don't have my last one with me.

Sunday- pretty good Sunday we went to church out in Dingle. Then we had a couple lessons out there it was a good day.

That brings us to now. Anyways things are going well out here. So there is the 25 days 25 ways to serve thing on and one of the ways is to call your parents.  President has just informed us we are not to do that. So sorry Mom and Dad. but Christmas is coming up anyways.

Welp have a good week! Love all you guys!

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