Monday, November 21, 2016

21 Nov 2016

I don’t know how I should start this e-mail but it’s been a pretty good week!

Monday- Pretty usual Monday shopping and all that good stuff. For p-day we went and played some volleyball. We were supposed to have a couple of lessons but they fell through.

Tuesday- pretty good day we had district meeting and our district got big suddenly. A couple of Elders got moved out of their area and now our district is combined. District meeting was pretty good though. It was focused around studying for our investigators. In the afternoon we stopped by Eunice. I’m not sure how to spell her name.  She’s a friendly old lady.  She has stopped attending church since her husband passed away. She still holds a good faith. We’re just working on getting her to sacrament meeting.
 Wednesday- Definitely an odd day for us but also really good. Elder Welling went to his departing temple trip so I got to have his trainee for the day. In a couple weeks Elder Welling will be home and I’ll most likely pick up Elder Horne for the last three weeks of his training. So today I had double duty for 12 week. Then we had a lesson with Betty. Another sweet ol' lady, but she just isn’t progressing. She has some hold up and is very sensitive about sharing it but she always invites us back. We are hoping that she will start accepting basic commitments like prayer.

Thursday- The food bank! So once a month we help with a local food bank and its pretty fun. We meet a lot of people. It was pretty cool. They managed to get a bunch of turkeys for Thanksgiving. Then after the food bank we exchanged so Elder Welling spent the day with me. Things just went awesome. We had a lesson with Craig, a less active guy. We stopped by his house and we haven't had many chances to actually talk to him, but he invited us in and said he wants to get to the temple and get back into church. So we had a good lesson with him and have another scheduled. Then we stopped by the Eborn's. We only met sister Eborn and she was super friendly. It was a little bit of an awkward interaction at first but we just spoke up a bit and she said that we can start coming by for lessons. Then we saw the Gillies and they are an awesome family. The couple is trying to get to the temple they have both been less active for a while. We are on the second temple lesson and things are going super well. We were talking about tithing and he told us something he heard. He had always had questions about if you pay net or gross, and someone answered him, ‘Well do you want net or gross blessings?” I thought it was funny and pretty accurate. It was just an awesome day
 Friday- Pretty busy day, we ran around town making sure everything was prepped for Barbara's baptism and honestly we ran around for almost nothing. Our ward mission leader took care of almost all the details which is a first. Normally we end up being the one printing programs and filling the font and everything else. But this time the ward had everything set. We then had a final lesson with Barbara as an investigator. We talked about the plan of salvation and I love Barbara but sometimes it’s hard to keep her focused. She will start a story and get really off topic. But nonetheless it was a really good lesson.

Saturday- The big day! We didn’t do much today except for attend the baptism and share a brief message during it. The ward was very supportive and it was a great experience for her.

Sunday- Had talks in the 1st and 4th wards and luckily we filled the time. I ran the worst case scenario in my head and I was left with about 35 mins to speak, but the youth speaker actually talked for probably 12 minutes. Sunday was just crazy busy but we got to set up an appointment with Ryley and we stopped by the Higlee's and it turns out his grandpa had just passed away so we shared a message of Gods plan and it was a really good opportunity.

Anyways this has been an amazing week and I love being in the lords work! I hope you all are having a good week at home!

Love you guys

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