Wednesday, November 16, 2016

14 Nov 2016

 Another great week out in Idaho! Im not sure if anything really cool has happened this week but there’s been a lot of blessing and miracles!

Monday- We had a pretty sweet P-day we went up Raymond Canyon and climbed up a hill and the view was awesome.​ Coming down was a little tough there were a lot of loose rocks and we ended up surfing down more than walking but everyone is ok!
Tuesday- Kind of a slow day we didn’t have a whole lot happen but we got some things set up.

Wednesday- We had a lot of stuff scheduled but about half of it fell through. We did have a lesson with Betty, a sweet old lady. She’s been taught for a while and she has hold ups but seems to believe in the church. She doesn’t explain much to us so helping her is kind of tough but hopefully with the spirit we will figure out what to do. We also saw woody, has an old guy out in dingle who is back and forth in activity and he seems to be wanting to get back out to church. I love visiting him; he has a lot of stories and a good spirit.
Thursday- Another pretty slow day more setting things up and weekly planning and such.

Friday- We exchanged so I was with Elder Horne and it was a pretty good day! We tried a few times to get a hold of Barbara the last couple of days but couldn't get a response. So we just stopped by her house and, she has been struggling a bit but also had a couple of tender mercies and little miracles. So we shared a lesson and it’s awesome to see how excited she is for her baptism.
Saturday-We planned to go to a ward cleaning because it was supposed to be like a big event but no one showed up except like the bishop and a couple other people. So we didn’t exactly get to meet as many people as we hoped. To be fair they planned this on the day of the semi-final football game. The team has never made it this far ever before, and one more game and they would have been state champs. Sadly they lost.
Sunday-busy day we had talks in Pegram and we had 2 days’ notice to prepare these. Luckily next week we have talks planned and they were the same topic so it wasn’t too bad. Plus Pegram only has like 15 members, so they are pretty lenient with the length of their Sacrament meetings.
Then later in the evening we had Barbara’s interview and now she’s all prepared to be baptized! So we are really looking forward to that this week.

It’s been an awesome week and miracles are still happening. I hope you all have an awesome week back home!

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