Tuesday, January 31, 2017

30 Jan 2017

This has been a pretty great week! We have been teaching a couple who has been working towards the temple and we helped them set a date, well we are still working on the date but they know they want to be ready by august and we are hoping to have a more specific day in the next couple of weeks. We also had an awesome lesson, with one of our backups. We don’t really plan lessons for our back up plans. Before we went in we said a prayer and took a couple minutes and we felt impressed to share the Mormon message "Gods Will" and the spirit just flew into the room. We have been meeting with this family and helping them get back to activity. But they never really notified us of any issues or concerns they have had, but it was obvious that this lesson was an answer they needed. The spirit is awesome and it’s great to know that it will work through weak and simple things. And im sure my family knows that im a pretty simple person, but even though I still have a good chunk of time left on my mission, every one we meet makes sure I know that im on the downhill slope..... Every person asks how long then when you say oh a little over a year or 15 months, they make sure to announce that you are close to the end. Anyways I've realized my time out hear is getting shorter and shorter and it’s made me ponder a bit about what it’s going to be like when I face the world again. I've realized the spirit and its guidance is something im going to need in my life, and I plan to hold it close. The best council I can give is to work on the seminary answers, do scripture study at least once a day, pray oft, and strive to attend your church meetings.
Oh yea and with that picture, Elder Stingham did the pancake challenge and got super sick... We ended up missing a day cause yea it was just bad.

Love you guys.

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