Tuesday, January 10, 2017

9 Jan 2017

Welp it’s been another crazy week things have been going really well though!

My little boy Elder Graham is all grown up and done with training, and he's moved on to the highland area in Poce. Surprisingly I was the one that stayed and Im the new district leader for the Cokeville district. So far that hasn't really made much of a change in the mission life. But my new comp Elder Stringham and I are doing really well together, so far our teaching and personalities have meshed really well.
We actually had transfers a day late, we got like 18 inches of snow on Wednesday so transfers were a no go, and President asked us to remain in doors for most of the day. Once it stopped snowing we just figured we would spend the rest of the day shoveling walks and then it snowed like 5 more inches... So we shoveled more.

The last couple of days we have been introducing Elder Stringham to the ward leaders and just figuring out how we can work more closely with them. It’s all been going pretty well it’s been nice the last few days to just get back in my area and stop jumping around between here and Cokeville. Nothing to crazy happened this week but it feels like a lot of work is about to come

I hope everything back home is going well!!!

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