Thursday, November 12, 2015

3 Nov 2015

Hey Dad, hope its going well at home. We started teaching a couple of people at the MTC., Our first one is a P.I.(progressive investigator) Catherine has an LDS friend and is attending BYU with her so she was recommended to us. She's really nice and willing to listen she has an understanding of God and is pretty much a perfect investigator.  We've already got her praying and she's committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it (Moroni 3:5). Our other one is a bit more difficult. We've met him once for an hour and it was rough. He's from Japan and his parents were Buddhists who didn't practice. So we are teaching a man with zero background in religion. We were told he was interested in the church so we thought going in he would have an understanding and we wanted to just teach the Atonement. But we couldn't because he didn't know who God, Jesus or the Holy Ghost are. He didn't know the concept of sin or blessings, so just on those we spent the hour trying to help him with these new concepts. He's a wonderful guy but incredibly difficult to teach. I look forward to our future lessons with him though.

Love your son,
Elder Hoffman 

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