Thursday, November 12, 2015

9 Nov 2015

So when I leave you decided its a good time to make a proper bathroom I see.... but I'm happy that its getting done. I'll work on figuring out the debit card. It came a couple days ago. I hope the ward gets more involved in the missionary work. I know its hard for people to give recommends to the missionaries because they don't want to mess up relationships but if you want successful mission work in the Shawano area you need to get the ward involved. I feel we are willing to invite new people into our ward but its not something anyone is seeking to do, and that's what needs to change. We are too comfortable going to church each week and seeing the same faces. If anyone in the ward wants the missionaries to succeed they need to be willing to help and have the desire to see new faces in the ward. I don't have much time so I'm going to wrap up for now. Also if you could send me mom's email. I can't recall it and I want to talk to her.
I know I had a bit of an outburst right there but its true. Two men can't do much for 9000 people. I still pray for everyone back home in the ward and I hope they are all doing well.
Love you dad. Talk to you later.

Elder Hoffman

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