Thursday, November 12, 2015

3 Nov 2015

Congrats to Ben on his calling as the deacon's quorum president.  I hope he takes it seriously. I'm leaving the MTC tomorrow which is bittersweet. My district may have gotten along so well but I know the work I'm going out to do is far more important that what I can get done at the MTC. My first investigator ended up being a real investigator which doesn't happen much here. She took all the lessons well and followed up on our commitments. We talked to her about baptism and its something she really wants. She's going to pick up the rest of the lessons with other missionaries and she will most likely get baptized. The MTC taught me more than I thought it would and in different ways than I expected. Keep letting me know how everything is going at home and try to get Ben to email me again.

Love you dad
Elder Hoffman

This is my district left to right its Elder Frizzell (not like the magic school buss lady) yours truely, Elder Muhlestein, Elder Butterfield, Elder Gilbert, Elder Ravenburge, Elder Whetten (we think hes going to be a future prophet), and Elder Jessen.

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