Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10 Oct 2016

Monday- pretty usual Monday shopping and stuff. Then we took Brother Turners hawk hunting again. This time we had a rabbit ready so we didn't have to worry about finding anything. we may have picked a little to big of a rabbit though. The Hawk latches on with its talons, so ideally it grabs the neck and crushes it.... but it grabbed its back, then the rabbit took off, the hawk refused to let go, so it was flailing its wings around to stay on. It looked like a rodeo, but the hawk had this helpless look on its face like. what do i do! It was a lot of fun

Tuesday- District meeting, plus a district cook out, we have a couple of people going home so we sent them off with a party. well as much of a party as our budget and time would afford. Then we had a lesson with an elderly lady named Betty. Shes been taught forever like years before I even got on my mission, she likes to see us but doesn't want to progress... then we went and headed down to Cokeville. Saw a couple, the wife is struggling with her testimony so we are trying to teach them, as we were talking she got an ambulance call and headed out to a car wreck. (somehow a deer crashed through the back window of the vehicle)

Wednesday- we moved Cokeville stuff into a new apartment to prepare for the new elders going in there, then we went and saw Joe and his family. It was a good day.

Thursday-Train the trainers!! So I will be training again so we went to Soda to have our train the trainers meeting. It was awesome there will be another fairly large group of new missionaries coming in. about 11 new elders and 3 new sisters, and that's on top of the 26 or so elders still in training. Anyways the meeting was awesome a lot about turning outward, and loving them enough to correct them. There was a big question asked about how to lovingly rebuke someone. and one elder gave an answer that I thought was awesome, it was about coming to where they are at. so before you tell them what they are doing wrong ask them questions until you are at the same level of understanding, I don't know how to explain it Elder Anderson did a really good job at it. Then when we got back to Montpelier we had weekly planning! that took up most of our day.

Friday- Lots of area book work, with the transfer coming we have to make a new one for Cokeville so fun. Our lesson with the Hunsakers fell through the kids had to go to there dads.

Saturday- We had a lesson with a recent convert, we shared Lehi's vision and talked about enduring. then we headed over to Cokeville, to get ready for church there in the morning. So no longer my area but one of the Family's I was teaching in Pocatello (the Nielson's) She got baptized and her husband was able to do it!!! When I had left we had taught them the lessons set the date and all that was left was interviews, mostly the husband and the bishop. I also got word that Mark who we had been working with for about 3 1/2 months when I left, has now accepted a date for the end of October! So I'm kinda bummed that i couldn't attend her baptism and I probably wont make Marks but Its awesome to know that those who I met, helped and taught are still progressing!

Sunday- An awesome fast and testimony meeting, we said a lot of good byes around Cokeville. That was most of the day, just seeing those we came to love and sharing a last testimony.

All and all its been an awesome week, lots of good news. I love this gospel, to see the change and miracles it brings into the lives of all those who apply it. there was a testimony this 
Sunday and the guy started off saying, I've been asking myself does the gospel make life easier. I personally have a testimony that it does, not only in temporal blessings and trials that we can avoid, but when we are faced with adversity, we have a faith and hope for a better day and a brighter future, the hope is well described in a Mormon message featuring a message from Russell M. Ballard. titled Mens Hearts Shall Fail 
them. Also expressed greatly in D&C 128:19. I know this gospel was made by a loving Heavenly Father who wants to see us succeed! This is His Church I bear this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

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