Tuesday, October 11, 2016

3 Oct 2016

Another Great week to be on the Lords errand! Things were a little odd, there never seems to be a week that's similar to the last.

Monday- So I don't know if i mentioned this before but Brother Turner a less active we meet with, has his falconry license, so we took his hawk out hunting for P-day, it was uneventful we couldn't find any rabbits.

Tuesday- we had exchanges so i went with Elder Castorana (that could be spelled wrong) and did work in the bilingual area. i knew about 10% of what was spoken for most of our meetings. I contributed where i could.

Wednesday- still exchanges still not speaking English... But we met a family that is re-activating and they mostly spoke Spanish, some spoke English and so spoke English about as well as my Spanish. The spirit was still in the home and even though i barely talked they said they liked the spirit i brought.

Thursday- I don't remember much besides my companion skyping home. He was having a re-assignment for his mission. Just the way his mission is working, its different than the usual but not in a bad way.

Friday- we got to take a family to the star valley open house! They enjoyed it, they said they weren't expecting everything to be so perfect inside. then we went back and helped them split some wood. They had a wood splitter but we had enough people that we were using axes too so i got to work on my swing a bit. Then we got talking to a foreign exchange student that they were housing and he was confused abit he was like so this is all you do is help people. We said yea we do service and teach the gospel, he thought it was super cool.

Saturday- Conference!!!! and we did service for some non-members in between sessions and they were super thankful it was pretty cool.

Sunday- we watched more conference and did some more service for some non-members

It was a really fun week! Plus conference was awesome, The two big things i got out of it was prioritize the Book of Mormon and repent! repentance is tough but its not bad. Its like climbing a mountain its tough but the view is worth it.

Love all you guys! Hope you have a good week!

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