Monday, October 24, 2016

24 Oct 2016

 Monday- P-day was pretty fun, we went up Bloomington canyon. We were going to go up to the lake but it snowed a few inches Sunday night and the Sisters said their car wouldn’t make it so we just spent some time in the snow. Snowmen, snowball fights; all that jazz. It was still like 40 degrees out so it was pretty enjoyable. Then we had a family home evening we had to get over to. It was a pretty fun day. At the FHE we shared D&C 128:19, 22 a couple of my favorite scriptures.  Just talking about how awesome the gospel is!
Tuesday- We got a new investigator! Her name is Barbara and she talked to the bishop about joining the church. So we didn’t do much except go and talk to her. She's had missionaries in the past but it seems like there has been hold ups before. So hopefully if there are still any problems we can help her out.

Wednesday- we had our first district meeting as the Cokeville district. Elder Welling is an awesome leader and since there’s only two companionships and both are training we kept the meeting pretty focused on training. We met Whitney. She's in her mid-20s and we helped her parents and her move something for them. Turns out she is trying to get back in the church and we were able to share a good lesson with her about overcoming obstacles.
Thursday- We helped out at the food bank. It’s a pretty cool experience you meet a lot of the people in need that live in Montpelier. All the food is donation stuff and some of it is pretty good. Other stuff stores have to get rid of it because it’s at the sell by date and it’s a bit questionable. Then we had weekly planning and 12 week. So by that time it was dinner. We had a good experience though. We met the Gillies family and they are less active but want to get to the temple so we are going to start helping them!
Friday- By the way, by this point all the snow had melted :( But Friday was a pretty cool day; the snow storm broke a bunch of branches around town like every other yard had busted up trees. But we helped a couple people clean them up and take them to the landfill. We helped a couple other trucks unload while we were there. We met the Lyngars; a nice couple, a little crude, but very friendly. We talked with them for a while and there was a pretty spiritual point then the husband started asking questions that didn’t really make sense. He got into some anti Mormon stuff online and doesn’t believe in the Book of Mormon now. Most of what he said I’m pretty sure wasn't even factual but he was a little upset when we didn’t seem troubled over what he was saying. They have had missionaries in the past and don’t seem like they really want to progress, like they might but they mostly just want to have hang out buddies instead of missionaries. We'll try a couple more times and see where things go. Hopefully we can get past the rough exterior.
Saturday- was a pretty slow day, we did meet another less active family though and they invited us back for lunch! Im not sure why they are less active they seem to like the church the guy kept talking about how he loved his mission and all that. Nevertheless they are a good family, and hopefully they will start receiving the blessings of the sacrament again soon.
Sunday- we went to the dingle ward, really good sacrament meeting mostly about charity and it sparked a couple of ideas for some talks we have coming up in the wards. My pen died so I couldn’t wright half way through my thought. Hopefully I can remember the rest by the time I get new pens.

This week has been super good and it’s amazing to see the work of the Lord progress. Keep nourishing your seeds of faith, heck if it’s a tree already don’t stop. Our spirits will begin to wither if they aren't nourished, it doesn't matter what stage of life we are in or how far we have progressed in the gospel.

Love you all!! And have an awesome week.

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